Brilliant Course
A sharp sword takes twenty years of grinding.
Adhering to the company tenet of “Proprietor First, Service First, Quality First”
There is still a very long way to go and the service will never have an end. Binjiang Property will keep thinking, improving and perfecting while moving forward.
Company Profile

Binjiang Property was founded in Hangzhou in 1995 and has been struggling for its long-term development ever since.


Binjiang Property is a subsidiary of Binjiang Service Group Co., Ltd. It holds the national Class-A property management qualification and is the member unit of China Property Management Institute, deputy director unit of Professional Property Management Committee of Zhejiang Real Estate Association and vice-chair unit of Hangzhou Property Management Institute.


Adhering to the company tenet of “Proprietor First, Service First, Quality First”, the company provides property management service for apartments, villas, terraces, and even large commercial complexes, enterprise headquarters buildings, industrial parks, and temporary dwellings, covering the construction area of over 35 million square meters in total (earlier stage included), marking its entry into a new urban service field.


The company has always been following the service philosophy of “Hearty Service, Loving Home” in all projects including Golden Coast that established the brand of Binjing Property, The One and Lake Villa that laid the essence of Binjiang Property quality, and Golden Garden, Myriad Star and City of the Dawn that convey warmth and love in Hangzhou. All of these projects enjoy a good reputation among proprietors.


Good projects must have good quality. Under the “Sincere, Innovative, Perfect, Safe, Healthy, Green” quality principle, many buildings of the company have been rated as “National Property Management Demonstration Residential Quarter (Building)”, “Provincial Property Management Demonstration Residential Quarter (Building)” and “Hangzhou Residential Quarter (Building) of Excellent Property Management”.


The company fully entered a phase of marketing operation in 2016 and market exploration became its new development goal. That year the company successfully became the property manager of many external buildings such as Lifestyle Center City Life Square in Yiwu, Yang Sheng Tang headquarters building and headquarters building of China Zheshang Bank, intending to provide high-quality service for more buildings and spread the warmth of “Binjiang Service” to more families.

 Binjiang Service Group’s successful listing on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. on March 15th, 2019 indicates Binjiang Service’s official entry into the international capital market which will facilitate the company’s capital structure optimization, resource integration, and build-up of sustainable enterprise core competitiveness.


A major public health emergency hit the society in the Spring Festival of 2020. This emergency tested not only the response and mobility of Binjiang Property personnel but also their forward-looking thinking on the development of the epidemic. Resolutely determined to win the battle against the epidemic, all frontline Binjiang Property personnel hold fast to their position, transmitting the love of life.


In 2021, we keep on moving, aiming for the highest. And the company rises to the 17th place in the “China Top 100 Property Management Companies”.


Binjiang Property has been in the leading position among Hangzhou property management companies for nine consecutive years as of 2020 in the assessment of satisfaction with Hangzhou property management service by China Index Academy, and is becoming an out-and-out benchmark for the property management industry in Hangzhou.


There is still a very long way to go, and service is an endless process. But Binjiang Property is determined to be “the Leader of Property Management Brands and the Setter of High Quality Standards”.


Company History
In 2007, Binjiang Property became a property management enterprise of national Class-A qualification.
In October 2009, the company took over the Golden Coast project, the influential flagship fine-decorated luxury residential property in the high-end residential market, attesting the leading enterprise service quality.

In September 2014, the company entered into a service contract on whole-course property management consulting with Yiwu China Commodities City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., opening the way of property management consulting service brand.

In 2016, the company explored the market,marking the company’s official entry into the phase of marketing operation.

In November 2016, the company entered the Yang Sheng Tang headquarters building, indicating the company’s entry into the rank of state well-known enterprise.


In March 2017, the company officially entered the large high-end commercial complex Yiwu Lifestyle Center, opening a new chapter of commercial complex service that brings more energy and development room to the company.


Binjiang Service Group’s successful listing on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. on March 15th.


Company Honor
2008, rated as “Hangzhou Top Ten Property Management Enterprises”.
2015, rated as “Top 100 Enterprises of Comprehensive Property Management Strength”.
2017, won the “Contribution Award of Hangzhou Property Management Industry”.
2017, ranked the 40th among “2017 Top 100 Property Management Companies of China” by China Index Academy.
2018, ranked the 32nd among “2018 Top 100 Property Management Companies of China” by China Index Academy.
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