“It’s My Ring!”
” The Ring Owner Tells a Story of Binjiang Property’s Cleaning Staff Recovering Her Precious Diamond Ring to Share Happiness and Warmth
Publisher: Release time:2024-05-14
Recently, Yu Zhiyong, a cleaning worker at Binjiang Property Services’ administrative center in Hangzhou Shangcheng District, helped Ms. Gao, a staff member of the administrative center, recover her lost precious diamond ring.

In return, Ms. Gao wrote a heartfelt thank-you letter where she said, “Words are far from enough to convey my sincere gratitude to Yu Zhiyong who is warm-hearted, kind, and dedicated. Her positive energy and such happiness and warmth should be seen and shared with more people.”

Yu Zhiyong, the Cleaning Worker

On April 28th, 2024, Ms. Gao lost a diamond ring at the administrative center. As she didn’t notice it the first time, Ms. Gao thought it might have slipped into the sink. After learning the bad news, Yu Zhiyong timely set a temporary barrier. The property management staff contacted the maintenance personnel to disassemble the pipe, but still, no diamond ring was found.

The next morning, Yu spotted a shiny ring by the wall when mopping the floor and immediately notified Ms. Gao to identify it. “It’s my ring!” shouted Ms. Gao. She said that she was very pleased to get her ring back and grateful for Yu’s help and that Yu also seemed very gratified to find the ring back.

Yu has left a very good impression on Ms. Gao and her colleagues during her daily work. She is polite and approachable and often greets staff members. People can always see her busy cleaning every corner of the floor, ensuring the hygiene, cleanliness, and tidiness of the floor and allowing everyone to work in a comfortable environment with a good mood.

Every job has its own significance. Yu Zhiyong holds fast to her ordinary post, and her genuine kindness and readiness to help earn her the respect of people. She’s like a small but bright torch that illuminates herself and also warm others.
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