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Binjiang Property’s Engineering Director Won an Award in the National Finals of the 2023 Intelligent Building Administer Skills Competition
Publisher: Release time:2024-05-14
Wei Xingxue, an engineering director of Binjiang Property, won the third prize in the National Finals (Employee Group) of the “New World Cup” Intelligent Building Administer S Skills Competition of the 2023 National Industry Vocational Skills Competition & the Second National Data Security Vocational Skills Competition.

Wei Xingxue, Binjiang Property

Wei Xingxue joined Binjiang Property in May 2013. Starting from the grass roots and steadily advancing, he was promoted to the position of project engineering director in 2019 and currently serves at the service center of River Collection in Hangzhou. He is like a finely honed sword that has been sharpened over a decade, a most fitting portrayal of his current performance and status.

Those in the property service industry are well aware of the intricate nature of property management work and the high demand for meticulousness. What is commendable for Wei Xingxue is that he has always maintained an innovative spirit in his busy work. Innovation is the core of new quality productive forces, which are the new driving forces for high-quality and sustainable development of products and services.

There was once a manhole cover problem in the residential quarter where he serves. On the stone pavement of the residential quarter, there are two manhole covers that need to be opened for inspection regularly. However, due to the long-term compression by vehicles, it was a laborious and time-consuming task to open it.

To solve this problem, Wei Xingxue proactively held discussions with colleagues in the hope of sparking new ideas. After the conception was formed, they developed a manhole cover device that, utilizing the principle of leverage, could easily lift manhole covers weighing several hundred pounds. They made multiple tests and improvements, and the final field test result was very satisfactory. Later they applied for a utility model patent for this device and promoted it within the residential as it could not only reduce the labor effort but also significantly enhance safety.

Manhole Cover Device

“We have many more stories of improvement and innovation like this. And it is exactly these experiences that make me further aware of the significance of property management services,” said Wei Xingxue.

In the Engineering Department, skills are undoubtedly the best manifestation of personal capability. To improve his technical proficiency, Wei Xingxue studied very hard and has successfully obtained various qualification certificates for senior electricians, senior building administrators, elevator safety managers, fire facility operators, and project managers. In addition, to further validate his abilities, he actively participated in various contests and competitions organized by the company, district, and city and has gained numerous accolades along the way.

In August 2023, Wei Xingxue was recommended by the company for the Hangzhou Municipal Intelligent Building Administrator Competition. After active preparation, he won the third prize and at the same time secured a spot in the provincial competition, where he ranked 7th and won a place in the national finals.

It was a busy time when the company’s project was about to be delivered. To grasp the chance to prove his abilities while minimizing the influence on his work, Wei Xingxue often practised alone until late at night after returning home from work before the competition day.

With his tenacity and fighting spirit, he competed with over one hundred peers for several days and finally earned himself a commendable third prize in the national finals, living up to the expectations. “This is the best reward for my efforts. I will keep on my work and provide better services for proprietors,” said Wei Xingxue.

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