Three Binjiang Property Employees Received Commendation for Capturing a Suspect in Hangzhou Fuyang District
Publisher: Release time:2024-05-20
Protecting the life and property safety of proprietors is the responsibility and mission of property management staff. A few days ago, Lu Weiming, Liu Jinbiao, and Han Xinjun, three Binjiang Property employees in Shui Xie Shan Ju in Hangzhou Fuyang District, received a commendation from Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Fuyang Sub-bureau, Hangzhou Fuyang Foundation for Justice and Courage, and the local police station for their act of courage and justice.

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On March 29th, 2024, a proprietor of Hangzhou Fuyang Shui Xie Shan Ju reported that someone had intruded into his house. Binjiang Property’s service center in Shui Xie Shan Ju promptly notified the police. The order section actively coordinated with the police, increasing the frequency of patrols and setting up stakeouts.

At 3:54 on March 30th, a property management worker of Shui Xie Shan Ju spotted a suspicious man in the residential quarter. Lu Weiming, Liu Jinbiao, and Han Xinjun from the order section swiftly surrounded and subdued the suspicious man and sent him to the police.

Lu Weiming, Liu Jinbiao, and Han Xinjun’s active assistance in apprehending the suspect is fully affirmed and commended by the police.

On May 7th, accompanied by personnel from the Fuyang Foundation for Justice and Courage and the local police station, Deputy Director Shao Zhiyong of the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Fuyang Sub-bureau came to the Shui Xie Shan Ju service center to visit Lu Weiming, Liu Jinbiao, and Han Xinjun, extending their gratitude with a reward money.

Lu Weiming said that they served the honor as an inspiration and a spur and would put more energy into their work to fortify the safety line for a better home for all.

As the old saying goes, “A thousand days of training of soldiers is for a single moment.” The order section of the service center in Shui Xie Shan Ju conducts regular firefighting training and anti-explosion and theft drills every month just to guarantee a quick response to any emergencies.

At 12:03 on May 7th, Yang Wensheng, a patrol member of the order section, saw thick smoke in the Beizhijiang Renovation Project Office opposite the residential quarter and immediately reported to the project director. The emergency response plan was activated without delay.

As there’s no fire hydrant in the Beizhijiang Renovation Project Office, the emergency team connected a fire hose from a fire hydrant in the residential quarter all the way to the Project Office, and the water successfully came out at 12:12. At the same time, the firefighters arrived. Under the direction of firefighters, the Binjiang Property staff offered active assistance and extinguished the raging fire in the vehicle.

In the face of the fire, the Binjiang Property staff demonstrated their strong sense of social responsibility and were praised by the Fire Brigade and the Community for their close cooperation and quick response.
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