“Demobilized Soldiers-Forever Followers of the Party
Binjiang Property Myriad Party Branch Celebrated the Army Day
Publisher: Release time:2019-08-13

Hangzhou Binjiang Property Myriad Party Branch organized a “Demobilized Soldiers – Forever Followers of the Party” themed forum, attended by representatives of party members and demobilized soldiers, at the meeting room of Myriad Star Phase III on the day before the Army Day with the purpose of commemorating the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the army and carrying forward the spirit of patriotism.


On the forum, 37 demobilized soldiers exchanged their days in the army and present work and life, and discussed around the topic of how to maintain the military spirit and inherit glorious tradition and fine styles or work and life.


Demobilized soldiers presented showed their resolution to apply good thoughts, styles and habits developed in the army to their daily work to contribute to the development of both the enterprise and the society.


During the forum, branch secretary Xu expressed his thanks to those demobilized soldiers for their contribution to the enterprise and also gave his holiday greetings. Besides, he put forward three requirements for those soldiers: 1. To avoid ideological slackness and enhance theoretical learning; 2. To maintain strong discipline and fine styles; 3. To keep the high standard and the purpose of serving proprietors and the people.


This “Demobilized Soldiers – Forever Followers of the Party” themed forum had a vigorous atmosphere. Attendees expressed their feelings through performance of military songs such as “Unity is Strength”, “One Two Three Four Song”, and “Return from Target Practice”, and demonstrated the spiritual outlook of uniting together and advancing fearlessly at tug-of-war.


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