Binjiang Property was Awarded Multiple Honors such as “Enterprise of Excellent Property Service” by Xiacheng District Property Management Association
Publisher: Release time:2020-01-20

At the annual meeting of Hangzhou Xiacheng District Property Management Association on December 27th, 2019, Binjiang Property received 5 honors, including “Enterprise of Excellent Property Service” for itself, “Waste Classification Demonstration Project” and “Best Party Branch” for Myriad Star Phase II, “Best Leader” for Xu Yangang of Binjiang Property, and “Best Property Manager” for Yu Liqin of Binjiang Property.

Every honor comes from employees’ endeavor and hard work and belongs to all dedicated property management personnel. 2019 has come to a perfect end, and in 2020 Binjiang Property people will unite together and strive to create a better tomorrow for the company hand in hand.



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