In Xixi Star Quick-witted Property Management Staff Put Out Fire at a Balcony on 2F in 4 Minutes with Help of Neighbors
Publisher: Release time:2020-09-14

At 12:43 on September 5th, Zhao Jiang, the foreman of Xixi Star’s order team, just finished his lunch and was patrolling in the park as usual. When he was near the pool, he found heavy smoke from a balcony on the second floor. He rushed to the site and asked for support by the intercom and the property management staff immediately launched the emergency procedures.

Informed of the fire, the steward Fang Yucong got to the scene without delay. He knocked the door but nobody answered, which meant that they could not get in to put out the fire the first time. On the other hand, the rescue might be delayed using a fire hydrant as floor fire hydrants are all distributed within the corridor and the outdoor fire hydrants are far away from the fire site.

At the crucial moment, director Hua of property management hit on a feasible plan of putting up a ladder to the fire site on the second floor and, with the water pipes from the proprietor’s garden on the first floor and the water supply from another proprietor’s house on the third floor, putting out the fire by squirting water from both below and above. This would save a lot of time. So, he asked the order director Gao Lei to go and get the long greening water pipe and arranged to put up and climb up the ladder to fight the fire.

The rescue team on the scene was divided into three and dispatched to three spots. The customer service director Zhang Dan was in the first team and was responsible to squirt water on the flame downstairs to stop the fire from spreading upward; the second team, composed of order director Gao Lei and the engineering director Huang Chuanbin, climbed up the ladder onto the second floor to squirt water on the fire source; and the third team was commanded to safeguard the first floor to avoid secondary fire caused by tinder dropped down from upstairs. At the same time, the order foreman Zhao Jiang and order team members also connected the outdoor fire hydrant for backup.

With the joint efforts of the three teams, the fire was extinguished in just four minutes from discovery of the heavy smoke.

The proprietor’s family came back in time after the fire was put out. It is then known that the new and unpacked washing machine and washbasin put on the balcony were destroyed in the fire. The fire cause is still to be investigated by the fire fighting department.



The director Hua of property management of Xixi Star expressed sincere and deep gratitude the same day to the proprietors of the first and the third floors who offered water supply. It is because of them and their timely help at the critical moment that the fire could be put out quickly.

We hereby once again appeal to everyone to always keep fire safety in mind, never litter cigarette butts or throw articles from on high, remember to unplug the washing machine timely after using, and carefully inspect and eliminate hidden dangers in daily life. Please feel free to contact the property management staff if there’s any problem in life, and we are always here to provide you a secure life.





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