Yesterday Once More! Binjiang Property “Summer Night Breeze” Outdoor Movie Night – Ne Zha Enjoyed the Most Popularity
Publisher: Release time:2020-08-28

The COVID-19 outbreak this year has made it unlikely to watch movies in theaters. Under the influence of the pandemic, is there any good way to support movie industry while keeping the social distance and natural communication at the same time? An outdoor movie might be the best plan in this summer.

Therefore, Binjiang Property “Summer Night Breeze” Outdoor Movie Night was born just at the right moment. From August 14th to 24th, outdoor movies were prepared in various residential quarters including Hangzhou Golden Dawn, Xixuan and Zhuxuan of Hangzhou Yunheting, Hangzhou The City Star, and Shanghai Park One.

Bring some popcorn, fruit, and ice drink and enjoy an outdoor movie at a summer night. It’s a novel experience for kids but a yesterday once more for senior adults.

Golden Dawn Phase III projected the comedy Lost in Russia directed by Xu Zheng, which tells a story of Xu Yiwan and his mother Lu Xiaohua getting back to the purest relationship through 6-day tour to Mexico.

The movie was originally scheduled for the Spring Festival this year, but was then decided to be released online for free due to the pandemic. Yuan Quan was also in the movie. Many proprietors who are fans of Xu Zheng and Yuan Quan joined the outdoor movie appreciation team.

Outdoor movie is in the childhood memory of many senior proprietors. It was the first time for the proprietors of Hangzhou Yunheting Xixuan to participate in the community cultural activity organized by Binjiang Property. According to them, this first activity was down to earth as it satisfied everyone’s needs for watching movies in this unusual period and also brought back the happy memory of many people.


Water Planet and Ne Zha were played in Yunheting Xixuan and Zhuxuan respectively and were very popular with and really amused kids of two residential quarters.

Many proprietors of Yunheting specially asked property management staff the time of the next activity and told that they would definitely come to support. Their encouragement gives the property management staff the confidence and impetus to do every community cultural activity well.

On August 19th and the night was falling, dozens of proprietors of Shanghai Park One watched the outdoor movie together. A fan of Binjiang Property even wrote a review about it, in which he mentioned dedicated preparation of property management staff and the harmony between neighbors and expressed his summer emotions aroused by the beautiful environment and friendly atmosphere of the residential quarter. The review is attached hereto for your appreciation.

On the night of August 24th, Ne Zha was also selected by Hangzhou The City Star, showing its great charm in the market.



The concept of this animation is about breaking the prejudice and becoming the hero and determining the fate of oneself. And it won various animation awards in 2019 and now gets a score of 8.5 at Douban.

Many say that unstrained imagination is the shell while the affection conveyed is the core of an animation. Comparing its service to an animation, Binjiang Property will take true feelings as the core to render more wonderful and touching images for proprietors.

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