Words of Thanks from a Happy Family for Safety Protection of the Expectant Mother Two Months Ago
Publisher: Release time:2021-03-24

On March 22nd, 2021, Chen Haonan, the order foreman of the service center of Hangzhou Xixi Star was suddenly informed that a female proprietor was coming to the service center with a baby to thank the order team members of Binjiang Property.

What was the proprietor thankful for? There was an air of expectation and joy hung over the order team.

Let’s trace back to the morning of January 8th. The order foreman Chen Haonan received an urgent call while patrolling the Phase I of the residential quarter with Zhao Jiang that an expectant proprietor’s water broke and was in an emergency. They immediately ran to Phase II and rushed to the proprietor’s home on the fourth floor.

When they got the proprietor’s home, they found the female proprietor was lying on the floor of the living room and couldn’t get up. Chen Haonan had a brainwave and asked a sheet from the proprietor’s mother-in-law. They took the sheet as a stretcher, and carefully removed the proprietor on the sheet and carried her to the car of the proprietor.

Every minute counted. The order foreman Zhao Jiang asked the gate sentry to open the gate in advance and directed the traffic and cleared the road to make sure that the proprietor could arrive at the hospital as soon as possible. Seeing the car leaving, the two foremen and the gate sentry was excited that there would be a new member in the big family of Xixi Star but also worried if both the mother and the baby could be safe, and prayed for them silently.

The next day, the good news of the proprietor’s smooth delivery of a baby boy wiped away all worries and gladdened everyone.

Two months passed by, and order team members were still very happy to see the lovely baby because they could feel the joy and the sense of value brought by caring and protecting proprietors.

The female proprietor specially sent a silk banner that read “Guard of Peace and Happiness” and give three red packets to order team members. “I originally thought that the work of guards was just to stand guard and patrol and didn’t expect them to be with us when we need help the most. I’m very touched by their spirit and really think Binjiang Property is a warm and considerate company,” said the new mother.


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