Binjiang Property Staff Rescued a Proprietor and Received the “Life Guard” Silk Banner from the Proprietor Who’s Still Recovering in Hospital
Publisher: Release time:2021-04-14
Recently, a heart-warming thing happened in Hangzhou Yunheting Zhuxuan. On April 11th, director Huang of the proprietor committee expressed the willing to reward the property management staff who saved the life of a proprietor.

The rescued proprietor who’s still receiving treatment in hospital asked his parents in Zhuhai to made a silk banner which read “Life Steward, Life Guard” for property management staff who saved his life. His parents soon flew to Hangzhou. Instead of visiting the proprietor in hospital, they came to Yunheting Zhuxuan directly to send the silk banner and express their gratitude. Wang Xiaohua, the property management assistant, received this old couple and was surprised by what they brought. “We were just doing what we should do. You’re so thoughtful!” said Wang Xiaohua to the old couple.

At 18:21 that night, Mr. Li suddenly sent a message in the proprietor chat group asking someone to send him to the hospital.

The customer service foreman Zheng Jianhong saw this message and immediately asked the duty manager Wang Xiaohua and order director Fan Zilong to find the proprietor and figure out the situation without delay.

Still very worried about the proprietor, Zheng Jianhong called the proprietor right away after giving the order. “Cerebral infarction, help me please!” He only heard the proprietor murmured weakly before the phone was hung up.

He called 120 immediately, and the ambulance set out quickly.

The duty manager Wang Xiaohua and the order director Fan Zilong soon got to the proprietor’s home and found the proprietor winced in pain. It turned out the proprietor lowered his head and washed his hair with hot water in the bathroom and then suddenly felt his left half of body numb. Being aware of his own underlying diseases, he was conscious of the danger he was in. With all his strength left, he sent out the help message through WeChat.

Wang Xiaohua comforted the proprietor that the ambulance was coming while rubbing the proprietor’s palm to keep the proprietor conscious. At that time, the wife of Mr. Li came back home after receiving a call from the steward.

At 18:43, guided by property management staff, the ambulance arrived at the residential quarter. Carried by the order director and the foreman to the ambulance on a stretcher, the proprietor was sent to the hospital immediately.

The next day, the steward called Mrs. Li and was set at ease by learning that Mr. Li had suffered a brain hemorrhage but was out of danger then thanks to timely treatment and would be hospitalized for further treatment.

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