Property Management Team of Yuhang No.1 Middle School Was Honored by the School
Publisher: Release time:2022-10-19
We gain what we sow. After Binjiang Property took over the property management of Hangzhou Yuhang No. 1 Middle School on January 1st, 2022, the security order, engineering maintenance and sanitation in the school have improved a lot, ensuring the work and life of teachers and students in the campus.

Strict security service ensures a good image of the school; cooperating with the construction agency, engineering workers carefully maintain all facilities and equipment in the school by tracking on-site problems and giving solutions; and the cleaning and sanitary service also contributes to the beauty of the school.

Except for daily work, Binjiang Property’s service team in Yuhang No.1 Middle School also provides conference and reception service and large-scale examination paper reviewing service for final examinations. In July, the property management team made preparations for setting in-school exam rooms with capacity of 2000 examinees, and their wholehearted service and professionalism are recognized by the school, doing credit to the quality service brand of Binjiang Property.

At the advanced work conference of the school in September, Liu Yingling, the responsible person of Yuhang No.1 Middle School property service center, and Wang Gaofeng and Zhang Wenzhong, members of the order team, were specially honored by the school, encouraging and strengthening the confidence of the whole property management team to create a secure, clean, and comfortable school environment for teachers and students of Yuhang No.1 Middle School.

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