A Letter of Thanks from Lake Villa’s Proprietor Confirms Wholehearted Service Winning True Recognition
Publisher: Release time:2022-12-02
In November 2022, Binjiang Property HQ received a letter of thanks from Mr. Geng, a proprietor of Hangzhou Lake Villa. “We’ve been living here for over four years and have a very deep feeling of how passionate, considerate, professional, meticulous, and hardworking stewards are and how good their services are,” said Mr. Geng in the letter.

Mr. Geng shared his personal and true feeling about property service in the letter and gave several examples closely related to daily life, evidencing that there are still people other than ourselves who know and care everything in our life.

Letter of Thanks (Excerpt)

One evening in the winter of the year before last, the water heater suddenly broke down and the hot water supply was thus interrupted. Although it was almost time to go off work, the steward Shao and the engineer Cai appeared quickly and helped solve the problem and resume the hot water supply that night.

The toilet in the bathroom of our master bedroom on the second floor leaked sometimes. As it was a slight problem, we didn't pay much attention to it and almost forgot it after reporting it to steward Tong. But a few days later, we received a call from Tong and were told that the maintenance worker from the brand of our toilet happened to be in Lake Villa for equipment maintenance. Soon, she brought the maintenance worker to our home and helped solve this small problem. 

A few days ago, the gas ran out suddenly when our nanny was cooking dinner. Although it was already off duty time, we tried to contact steward Tong immediately. Tong instructed us via WeChat to operate the gas meter in kitchen cabinet with the gas card, and the gas was successfully resumed.

On another occasion, we noticed a big crack in the garden wall shared with our neighbor on the first floor. The steward Shao came to check it carefully first, and then brought the workers to repair the wall perfectly.

We’ve been offered such considerate services for countless times during four years of living here. We are satisfied of the fresh air and first-class greening here and gratified by the first-class services of stewards.

Today, property service has become a factor of life quality evaluation and has a closer relation to innovation and scientific technology and a broader scope than ever. However, what remains essential is detailed and subtle services that meet proprietors’ rigid demands and softly and silently improve proprietors’ life quality.

Hangzhou Lake Villa, delivered in 2014, is a project comprised of villas and townhouses and has been under the management of Binjiang Property for eight years. As a person who has witnessed the development of the project, director Han also grew together with the project through his continuous efforts from a steward into the customer service director and now the project director and has the deepest feelings for this project.

Over the years, the number of elderly proprietors over 70 in the residential quarter has increased to 25. Every time when there’s free vegetable delivery during convenient service activities, director Han would ask stewards to put these elderly proprietors at the top of the delivery list. Vegetable delivered for free includes milk cabbage, pakchoi, lettuce, romaine lettuce and water spinach that are popular with proprietors. “We will try our best to provide in-depth service and make sure the free vegetable delivery service could last for one year,” said director Han.

Skills required for stewards of high-end projects are somewhat different from what required for stewards of other buildings. Considering the special nature of the project and the idea of reducing engineering workers’ stress of going back and forth from the public workspace and proprietors’ homes, stewards are required to shoulder certain service functions to eliminate worries of proprietors and enhance proprietor’s experience about property service. Such skills involve a lot of aspects such as air conditioner debugging, stone gluing, wallpaper pasting, and baseboard handling.

As it is a villa-townhouse project, air conditioner debugging need to be started from general debugging on the first floor to ensure warmth in winter and coolness in summer on the second and the third floors. As winter is setting in, a new round of air conditioner debugging service led by engineering workers and supported by stewards is about to begin. Now it has eleven stewards serving the residential quarter, including ten post-85s female stewards and one post-90s male steward. From green hands in decoration at the beginning, they learned hard from engineering workers and have gradually grown into "all-rounders" as they claim to be and mastered basic wall treatment skills such as puttying and applying latex paint and many other skills. Female stewards are even able to fix by themselves small cracks in wall, which is usually considered to be a man's job. In the residential quarter, every villa is equipped with a water collecting well and a sewage pump in the basement that require frequent operation check. Stewards are proficient in it and are able to do the maintenance themselves when there's a small fault.

Living in a villa is desirable. But the maintenance of a villa is far from easy in view of its scale, the quantity of devices and balconies, and the area of the garden. Stewards need to clean leaves on the balcony of each vacant room to ensure normal functioning of floor drains and also need to clean eaves gutters to avoid blockage. Sometimes, stewards also play the role of gardeners to water and prune trees and feed fish for proprietors. It is such detailed service that warm the hearts of proprietors.

The order team is the safety guarder of the residential quarter and will accompany visitors the whole course and follow up the status of all express packages and take-out food. Their work is also recognized by proprietors. As another proprietor said, he felt very reassured living here. Although the sudden descent of elevators from 3F to 1F one night in October frightened proprietors, the order team members arrived timely to check every room and explained that it was just the self-protection mechanism of elevators. Their rapid response really strengthens proprietors' sense of security.

This letter of thanks is like a beautiful autumn leave and will be cherished in the heart of Binjiang Property staff. Property management staff’s service is never meaningless. It is believed that only wholehearted service could win true recognition of proprietors.

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