A Kid Accidentally Locked Himself in the Room
Property Management Staff Called a Locksmith to Unlock the Door
Publisher: Release time:2022-11-11
The other night, the steward Yin of Hangzhou Lansong’aofu suddenly received a help call from Mr. Yuan, a proprietor of the residential quarter, who told an emergency that his kid accidentally locked himself in the room and was terrified considering his age. Mr. Yuan explained that he happened to be away on business and that there was only his pregnant wife at home. After the call, Yin immediately contacted the order foreman on duty Ying Yong.

Soon, Ying Yong and order team members got to the proprietor’s house. They tried to unlock the door themselves first, but failed. So they immediately contacted a locksmith. When waiting for the locksmith, the property management staff kept comforting the trapped kid and his mother to ease their anxiety. After a while, the locksmith arrived and successfully unlocked the door. The kid finally got out of the room, and all felt relieved.

The gratifying news was sent to Mr. Yuan through a video call that night. Later, a silk banner was sent to show Mr. Yuan’s gratitude. This accident makes property management staff further aware that they need to continuously improve the service awareness and emergency response ability so as to give more sense of security to proprietors and their families.

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