Property Management Staff of Jiangnan Star Received Two Silk Banners Within a Day
Publisher: Release time:2022-12-19
On December 5th, the service center of Jiangnan Star received a silk banner that read “Serve Proprietors Day and Night, Fight Epidemic Without Fear” from the secretary of Hangzhou Jiangnanxingcheng Community.

On November 27th, the service center of Jiangnan Star received an emergency notice of epidemic control at 6 o’clock in the morning. Since then, the frontline property management staff of Binjiang Property has stuck to their post and not returned home for days to shoulder the responsibility of protecting all proprietors. Cleaning workers in protective clothing disinfected the whole residential quarter as per the standard, and property management staff delivered express packages for proprietors and printed homework for kids, trying their best to satisfy proprietors’ service needs.

The silk banner from the Community fully affirms Binjiang Property personnel’s fearlessness and bravery in fighting the epidemic and also encourages Binjiang Property to continue providing quality service for proprietors and maintain the benchmark brand image.

On the same day, the service center of Jiangnan Star received another silk banner from its proprietor committee in recognition of Binjiang Property personnel’s conscientious and resolute fulfillment of its responsibilities during the period of epidemic prevention and control.

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