A Loving Family! Binjiang Property’s Medical Chest Sharing Service Helps Proprietors Through the Epidemic Peak
Publisher: Release time:2023-01-06
“We have people tested positive in our family, so we’ll disinfect and fasten trash bags tight and put them at the door. All the neighbors and cleaning workers, please be careful and protect yourselves well.” More and more proprietors are taking conscious and well-intentioned actions to protect the health and safety of their neighbors and frontline property management staff.

With the increasing number of families with confirmed cases, the burden of cleaning workers is also getting much heavier. Despite the risk of getting infected, the cleaning workers collect domestic wastes of confirmed cases and disinfect corridors and elevators every day.

With the idea of “we are all cleaners and deliverymen”, the frontline property management staff of Binjiang Property brave the epidemic peak and are in the vanguard of the fight against the virus. Many of them have also been infected. But the decreasing number of the service team members does not lead to a decline of service quality. Many are shouldering the duties of multiple workers to disinfect surroundings, deliver express packages and takeouts, built shared medical chests, and deliver urgently needed medicine even in the dead of night. The encouraging thing is that the infected property management staff will reappear in the residential quarters in a few days and return to their teams as soon as they recover from COVID-19. Property management staff are like a lamp, illuminating the night and delivering warmth to the surroundings.

Shared medical chest serves 150 families

The service center of Hangzhou Yurun Qiaochaofu set up a shared medical chest on the evening of December 20th and encouraged proprietors to fill the medical chest together and share drugs with each other. Now the medical chest is full of necessary drugs. Some proprietors even carefully left a sticky note to prompt the expiry date of the drug. According to director Lin of the service center, the medical chest helped about 150 families during the peak period of medicine consumption, and many proprietors also donated epidemic prevention materials to the service center. For proprietors, the residential quarter is a big loving family. In recognition of property management staff’s comprehensive services during this time, three proprietors even paid the property management fee for 2023 in advance.

The service center of Qiaochaofu formed a delivery team to deliver takeouts and drugs for proprietors in need. Sometimes when proprietors order drugs from a pharmacy but no one take the delivery order, the property management staff would also help take the drugs from the pharmacy. The service center also sorted out peoples requiring special care in the residential quarter and offers delivery service for families with elderly people over 60 or children under 6.

City Link Platform’s timely offered 100 tablets of ibuprofen

Property management staff of Hangzhou Jiangnanyufu worried about proprietors who were tested positive but unable to get any medication. On the evening of December 26th, project direct Yuan got in touch with the City Link platform of Du Shi Kuai Bao through the company. With the help of the City Link, the service center received a bottle of ibuprofen (100 tablets) from Lao Bai Xing Pharmacy on the next day, which was to the extreme excitement of and brought a sense of fulfillment to property management staff as they were able to get medicine support in such a short time and could finally help some proprietors out when there was an extreme shortage of medicine. The community secretary also praised that it was like fuel in snowy weather in deed.

Proprietors gave 20 suits of thermal clothing to order team members

The property management staff of Hanghou Xixi Pearl built the “Help Our Neighbors, Share Our Medicine” platform this winter. “I have 5 spare antigen detection kits and can also offer half box of fever drugs in case of urgent need,” said one of proprietors who immediately responded to the platform. Through this platform, property management staff help proprietors send precious medicine to neighbors who really need it. The kindness of proprietors didn’t stop here – proprietors also sent protective suits, medicine, and antigen detection kits to the property management service team. “An anonymous proprietor sent 20 suits of thermal clothing to our order team members. His kindness really warms the hearts of our frontline property management staff,” said project director Zhang of Xixi Pearl.

Property management staff found the specific medicine thrown by mistake

In Hangzhou Sunshine Coast, the service center asked proprietors to leave domestic waste of confirmed cases at the door to be collected by special personnel of the cleansing section at 15:00 every day.

At 15:08 on December 27th, Mr. Li called worriedly and told that the specific medicine for COVID-19 he prepared for his 90-year-old mother was taken away by the cleaning worker as domestic waste as it was put in a plastic bag at the door.

Hearing this news, Chen Zhilan, the director of cleansing section, immediately called back the garbage truck and organized property management staff to look for the medicine. The 6 persons from the cleansing section and the order section spent a whole day rummaging through the garbage truck and finally found the lost medicine. In return, the director Chen got a thumb-up from the proprietor who got his medicine back.

A letter of thanks expresses gratitude for property management staff’s perseverance in the face of epidemic peak

On December 27th, the service center of Hangzhou Emerald Coast received a letter of thanks from the proprietor committee. The letter said that the “Shared Medical Chest for Emerald Coast” activity initiated by the service center had become the love bridge between proprietors and that over ten proprietors shared their medicines and over 60 proprietors benefited from the activity. As the epidemic peak coincided with the Christmas, the property management staff distributes apples that represent blessing and hope to every family. The proprietor committee is very grateful for property management staff’s contribution and perseverance in the face of all difficulties, bringing security and peace of the residential quarter.

The 2022 winter will eventually pass. Let unite together and help each other until the blooming of the flower of spring!

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