Property Management Staff Escort Children Along the “Secure Way to School”
Publisher: Release time:2023-05-26
To ensure Hangzhou Wenjin Elementary School’s goal of a “secure way to school” and reduce the risk of potential safety hazards caused by congestion around the school hours, the community surveyed the student enrollment situation of surrounding residential quarters and coordinated accordingly. As one of those residential quarters, the Binjiang Property service center of Splendid City actively responded to the call of a “secure way to school” and studied the safest route to school after discussion with the community and the school and interviews. On April 10th, the “student escort team” of Splendid City was officially established.

It has been one month since the establishment of the “student escort team”. Every morning, the team waits in the waiting area around 7:50 to greet children sent by their parents and, after reminding children of their safety, sets out from the residential quarter at 8:00 and escorts children to school on foot, and informs parents after the children arrive safely at school.

Although the escort route is short with only one traffic light along the way, the “student escort team” effectively solves the student transporting problem for many working families in the residential quarter and has won recognition and approval from parents. For property management staff, escorting the children to school is a very significant mission and a delightful way to start their day. It is their hope to continuously provide the sense of security and happiness for proprietors.

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