Volunteer Star!
An Order Team Member from Binjiang Property Offered Service to Asian Games Venues
Publisher: Release time:2023-10-27
It is a proud endeavor to be a part of the city volunteer service during the Hangzhou Asian Games. In response to the call, the service center of Hangzhou Xixi Star sent its order team member Chen Zongji to the Asian Games City Volunteer House to guide and evacuate the audience from the Asian Games venue at Hangzhou Normal University.

“As Asian Games volunteers, we must always wear a smile. Sometimes, a smile can help solve many problems.” During the guiding service, Chen Zongji had a deeper understanding of the kindness and assistance that a smile can bring. He also gradually mastered the skills of communicating with the audience, including asking about their preferred events, understanding their needs, and directing the routes to the events. A smile or a thank you from the audience in response brought him a sense of accomplishment and also made him realize the value of volunteer service.

Chen Zongji’s excellent performance during the volunteer service was well recognized by the team leader and also won him the title of “Star of the Day”, an honorable title for outstanding volunteers. After the successful conclusion of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Wuchang Subdistrict and Hongyuan Community sent a letter of thanks to Binjiang Property for the volunteer service provided by Chen Zongji, which made a positive contribution to the successful organization of the Asian Games.

Chen Zongji benefits a lot from the Asian Games volunteer service and is committed to continuing the spirit and enthusiasm for volunteer service in daily property management and to passing such spirit and enthusiasm to colleagues to serve the proprietors well.

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