Binjiang Property Escorted Romantic Rose Wedding Ceremony in Hangzhou
Publisher: Release time:2023-11-13
On November 5th, the 25th China International West Lake Love Wuliangye Rose Wedding Ceremony was romantically staged in Hangzhou, and one hundred newlywed couples from all over the country joyfully tied in knot while upholding the cultural legacy of the Song Dynasty.

This Rose Wedding was hosted by the Publicity Department of the Hangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (the Municipal Civilization Office), the Wuliangye Yibin Co., Ltd., the Hangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Management Committee of the Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area, the Hangzhou Daily Press Group, and the Hangzhou Youth & Children’s Center.

Hangzhou Youth & Children’s Center is a service project under Binjiang Property. Binjiang Property team participated in the whole process of this year's Rose Wedding, including seven chapters such as "Happy Departure", "West Lake Greeting", "Red Carpet Style", "Decorated Boat Cruise", and "Float Parade", and successfully completed the tasks of order maintenance and engineering support.

One hundred couples dressed in traditional Song Dynasty wedding attire walked down the 500-meter-long red carpet on the Bai Causeway. This exquisite carpet was measured and laid out by Binjiang Property team on the day of the event, taking several hours to complete amidst the bustling crowd. Their effort guaranteed that the two hundred newlyweds stepped onto the most dazzling red carpet of their lives.

A hundred pairs of newlyweds made a grand appearance in each chapter, attracting numerous tourists to watch, take photos, and offer their blessings. The on-site staff from the Binjiang Property felt deeply moved and inspired, feeling proud and honored to be able to participate in escorting the newlyweds and controlling and perfecting every detail of the wedding.

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