Safety Awareness First
The Patrolling Order Team Member of The One Took the Child Home
Publisher: Release time:2019-09-20

On a summer day, Sun Fei, a member of The One order team, saw a child sporting beside the swimming pool alone while on patrol. He looked around but didn’t saw a parent nearby.

Worrying about the kid’s safety, Sun Fei came over to ask the child, and was told that the child went out alone without informing his parents.

Then Sun Fei took the child home and was thanked by the parents. They commended Binjiang Property’s order team for putting the proprietors’ safety in the first place, and recognized Sun Fei’s sense of responsibility for his work.

Though it is just a trifle, it reflects the strong safety awareness of Sun Fei in his community patrol work. Thanks to his carefulness and strong sense of responsibility, he has solved a number of problems, and has received 3 pennants from proprietors in this hot August.

How to do a good job in property management work and get recognition of proprietors? For Sun Fei, the key is “to care proprietors’ everything as own domestic matters”.


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