Grand Mid-Autumn Show: A Tribute to Our Motherland
Publisher: Release time:2019-10-24

October 1st in 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. To celebrate National Day, many of Binjiang Property communities held a large variety show in this colorful and fruitful autumn as a tribute to the New China to eulogize the new era. This event enabled Binjiang Property and proprietors to have an intuitive feeling of the beautiful and happy life since Reform and Opening.


Quzhou Chunjiangyue “Celebrate Birthday of the Country, Wish the Motherland Prosperity”


A video saluting the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China was played on the grand National Day variety show in Quzhou Chunjiangyue. When the audience saw the scene of community staffs, members of proprietors’ committee, property management staffs, and warm-hearted proprietors sewing the national flag stitch by stitch, they were all deeply touched by the patriotism of proprietors and staffs around them.



At the “Celebrate Birthday of the Country, Wish the Motherland Prosperity” Variety Show, On the Sunny Road outlined the great picture of reform and opening and aroused the patriotic enthusiasm of the nation, and I Love You China heartened all the people. The violin version of I Love You China by the proprietor Ms. Guo was also presented affectionately. The whole show had climaxes one after another.



Every Chinese looked very solemn and respectful when seeing the Five-Starred Red Flag rising. Quzhou Chunjiangyue is a community where many talents are living. When the proprietor Ms. Li sang The National Flag Rises aloud, proprietors waved their red flags passionately, and five-starred red flags flying on windows of proprietors’ houses even added more radiance to the scene. The atmosphere moved everyone on the spot to tears and people gave enthusiastic applause to express their best wishes to the motherland.


More than eight hundred of proprietors gathered at the “Celebrate the Birthday of the Country” party and over 15000 people watched the live show on the internet. “We feel our life in Chunjiangyue really filled with happiness.” Proprietors said from the heart.

The City Star  Seven Years of “My Neighborhood My Family”


At 18:00 on October 11th, the anticipated yearly “My Neighborhood My Family” of The City Star announced an official start.


This party attracted more than 2000 proprietors, which is the largest number for years. At this party, various delicacies were prepared and many excellent shows were staged, such as martial arts and boxing performed by proprietors, gaining rounds of applause. The lucky draw was anticipated by proprietors very much, and the winners returned home with fruitful results.



The City Star “My Neighborhood My Family” activity has been successfully held for seven years so far. With the deepening of the activity concept, the activity scale is getting larger and larger. This party has not only promoted the relationship between neighbors but also enhanced the trust and understanding between proprietors and property management staffs.


Sunshine Coast  My Motherland and Me Resounded through Acknowledge Party

The refreshing autumn wind sends the pleasant aroma of osmanthus to every corner. In the evening of September 30th, over 200 proprietors gathered at the subsided square of Sunshine Coast to attend “Meet at Charming Sunshine Coast” acknowledge cocktail party. Drinking and chatting, singing and dancing, people had a nice night together.


Cool cocktail performance, familiar songs such as “Chengdu” and “My Motherland and Me”, as well as yoga performance brought by proprietors, created a happy and harmonious atmosphere for the party.



Coinciding with the 70th birthday of our country, the party ended up with a chorus of “Ode to the Motherland” by property management staffs.

Golden Coast  Showcase the Style at Passionate Golden Coast

In this autumn, the 2019 Golden Coast Acknowledge Party for Proprietors comes as expected in October. It shows a kind of autumn ceremony between Binjiang Property and proprietors.

Hosted by Mr. Shen Yimin, the host of Hangzhou “A Liu Tou News”, the party contained many good performances including “Galloping Horses” performed by a little proprietor of Golden Coast and “Pop Songs Mashup” performed by order team members, which were both very impressive.



The property service center of Golden Coast also dedicatedly prepared souvenirs for every proprietor. “Showcase the Style at Passionate Golden Coast” was not only the theme of the Golden Coast Acknowledge Party for Proprietors but also the real reflection of the atmosphere of the whole party.


The One  Happy and Loving Autumn Life in The One

Happy and loving autumn life in The One. In order to embody the high-end and quality nature of The One, three blocks, namely, Garden, Wine Party, and Tea Break, were arranged in the 2019 The One Autumn Activity.


At the activity spot, various activity items such as wine tasting, cocktail performance, creative cuisine, interactions at Garden, and stage performances were provided. Besides, many proprietors also participated in performance preparation this year, creating a good communication atmosphere for proprietors.



When the activity was coming to an end, the property management staffs also carefully listened to opinions and suggestions of proprietors who expressed their expectation for an even better autumn activity next year.





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