To be an Employee Creating Value
Human Resources Department of Binjiang Property Carried out Intern Training
Publisher: Release time:2019-10-24

The Human Resources Department of Binjiang Property started the first intern training of 2019 on September 26th, 2019 and organized a visit to the high-end property The City Star. Totally 29 interns attended the training.


The training started with “First Meeting with Classmates”. The game “Nice to Meet You” helped eliminate strangeness and enhanced mutual communication between interns.

During the training, the instructor introduced the company philosophy, company culture, company history, and talent idea of Binjiang Property, and gave a detailed explanation focusing on the theme of “Career Modelling•How to Be an Employee Creating Value”. Not only the definition of professionalism but also the necessary competences for working people were explained to enable interns to better understand the vocational significance of property service in combination with actual and practical work.

After the training, the property management personnel of The City Star also led interns to visit the super high-rise buildings of The City Star. Considering that The City Star has won the title of “Excellent Residential Community of Property Management of Hangzhou” in 2017 and “Five-Star Property Service Project of Jianggan District” in 2018, and is also the high-standard demonstration community of waste sorting of Zhejiang Province, visiting such a Qianjiang New City CBD project covered in glory could make interns benefited greatly. Interns gradually realized that to be an employee who’s able to create value is an expectation of the job and, more significantly, a kind of responsibility to the society.


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