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Xu Hongwei, Order Team Member of Quzhou Chunjiangyue, Has His Heart with the Proprietor
Publisher: Release time:2019-10-24

On the morning of September 28th, 2019, the proprietor Ms. Wang visited the service center of Quzhou Chunjiangyue with a pennant, and started commending an order team member as she entered the door.

Ms. Wang told property management staffs a moving story. On the morning of September 25th, Ms. Wang’s mother was cooking and cutting up stuff at home. But suddenly she carelessly cut her hand, and the hand was bleeding seriously. She, alone at home then, was in a panic and hurriedly got out for hospital.

The gate sentry Xu Hongwei noticed the flurried looking of the aunt and immediately came over to ask. After making the story straight, Xu comforted the aunt and drove her to the hospital. It was not the end. At the hospital, he accompanied the aunt all the way, making appointment with the doctor, taking the medicine, and advancing to the aunt on medical expenses.

Ms. Wang learned the situation later and was deeply moved by Xu Hongwei after heard that her mom was out of harm’s way. “I feel so warm living in Chunjiangyue,” she said. Ms. Wang would like to gift Xu Hongwei for several times, but was politely declined by Xu. “That’s simply what I should do.” He replied honestly.

Actually there had been many other moving stories about Xu Hongwei. There was a time in May of this year that a proprietor’s kitchen was found full of thick smoke, and Xu showed his bravery in fire fighting and was highly commended by the proprietor Mr. Lu. There was another time in the hot summer that he received a help message from a proprietor requesting him to help replace the tire. Xu immediately helped put on the spare tire so that the proprietor’s schedule was not delayed. 



Xu Hongwei has been working for the company for more than 6 years. Every pennant he received has a story about his care for proprietors and awe of career mission behind.



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