Consecutive Four-year Joint Commendatory Letters from Over a Hundred of Proprietors
To Golden Dawn Phase I Cleaner Qi Yuanzhen
Publisher: Release time:2020-01-20

Qi Yuanzhen, a cleaner of service center of Golden Dawn Phase I has received the joint commendatory letter from over a hundred of proprietors for consecutively 4 years since her entry in May 2015.

As an ordinary worker, she has been working very diligently for years, devoting herself to service to proprietors. Her unselfish devotion is highly appreciated by more than a hundred of proprietors from the two units she serves.

Qi Yuanzhen has always held a serious attitude to her duties despite her age. She holds that one should always fulfill personal duties where he or she is and whatever he or she does. Simple words reflect her steadfast loyalty to her work.

In the commendatory letter, proprietors wrote, “Auntie Qi never lowers her working quality despite wind and rain, coldness and heat, personal illness and family emergencies. We proprietors of this building have witnessed and really respect from the bottom of our heart and think highly of her unchanging devotion and dedication.”

Qi Yuanzhen treats every proprietor as her family and is always willing and ready to give a help hand when proprietors are in need. As an ordinary grassroot employee, her persistence and kindness influence her colleagues and also have won herself respect.


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