Golden Garden Property Management Team Chased after and Controlled Suspected Thief to Qianjiang Road
Police Praised for Their Strong Sense of Social Responsibility
Publisher: Release time:2020-01-20

At about 4:15 on the morning of December 22nd, 2019, Ziyang Police Station got a 110 call that a thief was caught at Golden Garden. Upon investigation, it turned out that Golden Garden’s property management staff on patrol found a suspicious person climbing over the wall into the community and controlled the man as he was attempting to steal something in a car.

At 3:45 on that morning, a gate sentry on duty found that there was a suspicious person wandering around east gate and south gate, so he immediately notified the leader and monitoring personnel to watch out and follow up. At 4:10, discovering that the suspicious person was climbing over the wall into the community, the monitoring personnel promptly notified the on-duty leader Liu Jianmin and four patrollers, namely, Qi Limin, Wang Hui, Zhang Chenglong, and Fang Xiaojiang. The patrollers saw the suspect pulling a car door and attempting to steal something at the basement.

Leader Liu Jianmin quickly organized to catch the suspect and called for help. Property management staff chased after the suspect to Qianjiang Road and called 110 immediately after the suspected was controlled. The suspect was then handed over to the police. Afterwards, the leader Liu Jianmin told what he thinks about the thing, “It is our property management personnel’s responsibility and mission to protect the property safety of proprietors without hesitation.”

Ziyang Police Station praised that Binjiang Property Golden Dawn property management personnel’s tracking and catching the suspect through video patrol is an embodiment of an excellent enterprise’s strong sense of social responsibility, and expressed their hope that Binjiang Property will work together with public security organs to make more contribution to the security and development of the jurisdiction.


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