Prevent Virus but Transmit Love on Lei Feng Day
Publisher: Release time:2020-03-23

On Marth 5th the Lei Feng Day, Binjiang Property staff were still holding fast to the frontline of epidemic fighting, inheriting the Lei Feng spirit and providing attentive services for proprietors.

The service center of The City Star cooperated with Chengxing Community and organized a free haircutting activity for proprietors, helping solve the “haircutting difficulty” of proprietors at such a special point.

To eliminate the risk of virus transmitting and avoid gathering, the service center fully disinfected the site in advance and arranged haircutting spaces with an interval of at least 5 meters between any two of them. Proprietors were informed by proprietor management staff according to the registration sequence to arrive at the scene 10 minutes earlier.

The barber offered disposable hairdressing capes and would disinfect the tools with alcohol for each customer. Every link of this activity from calling proprietors to proprietors waiting for haircutting and barbers providing service is in good order, and proprietors enjoyed a nice and safe free haircutting service.

At the noon of March 5th, the service center of Golden Dawn organized children to walk into the park and learn the Lei Feng spirit in their own way. These kids cleaned fallen leaves and garbage in the park, and their hard work were praised by all proprietors.


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