“I Will Always Donate Blood!” Party Members of Binjiang Property Save Lives and Fight Pandemic with Their Blood
Publisher: Release time:2020-06-19

Wang Dong, the project director of Binjiang Property’s Xingqi Building, is a Party activist who has been donating blood for consecutively 8 years. On June 14th, which is the World Blood Donor Day, he received regards from leaders of National Health Commission and Red Cross Society of China, accompanied by Cheng Yuechong, the vice-governor of Zhejiang Province, as a blood donor when participating in the Party member voluntary blood donation organized by the general Party branch committee of Binjiang Property.


In 2008, Wang Dong participated in the Wenchun earthquake rescue as a PLA soldier. He was deeply impressed by the will to live of survivors and aware of the preciousness of life. “I will always donate my blood to contribute what I can to save and protect lives,” said he.

The general Party branch committee of Binjiang Property proposed the initiative of voluntary blood donation in the WeChat chatting group. Party members responded to the initiative and signed up for the public service enthusiastically. They practice the responsibilities and accountabilities as Party members with actual deeds.

At 9:00 on June 14th, Party members of Binjiang Property gathered at the blood donation site early. They listened to the staff of the mobile blood donation bus explaining the basic blood donation knowledge, lined up orderly with a mask on, seriously completed the form, measured the blood pressure, went through the initial blood screening, and finally got on the bus and got ready for blood donation with a loving heart.



“Voluntary blood donation is the obligation of every citizen. As Party members, we should improve our quality, build a pioneer image and set an example of love dedication.” Xu Yangang, the deputy secretary of general Party branch of Binjiang Property, voiced the aspiration of Party members when interviewed by news media on behalf of the Party members during blood donation.

Guo Chunlan, the secretary of general Party branch of Binjiang Property, on the company’s behalf, greeted Party members donating blood that day and expressed gratitude to Party members for contributing to the voluntary blood donation career. She addressed that this voluntary blood donation fully reflected the self-worth of Binjiang Property personnel and demonstrated the spirit of the time of Party members undertaking social responsibilities and serving the society.

Totally 16 Party members of Binjiang Property donated accumulatively 4200ml blood in this blood donation. Through this activity, Party members have a more in-depth understanding of the true essence of “Staying True to the Party’s Founding Mission”, firm their conviction, enhance their Party consciousness, and clarify their responsibilities and missions.

Many cities in China are still in the significant stage of preventing imported cases and domestic outbreak resurgence. Adhering to the idea of life first, Binjiang Property spares no effort to help contain the pandemic, and dedicate love and blood to ensure the medical blood use of and save the life of acute and critical patients in the city.

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