8-Hour Night Work for People! Binjiang Property and Water Group Made Urgent Repair on Water Pipes of Kunlun Mansion
Publisher: Release time:2020-06-29

At around 3:00PM on June 7th, 2020, several proprietors of Kunlun Mansion reported the problem of occasional water shortage. Summer is a season of most frequent water consumption and it would cause much inconvenience to the life of proprietors in case of a water failure.

Upon receiving the complaint from proprietors, Binjiang Property’s service center at Kunlun Mansion immediately assigned several engineers to the site for investigation. It was preliminarily judged that the water failure was a result of local fracture of the main pipe caused by land subsidence and leading to unsteady water pressure.

Director Du, the Kunlun Mansion project leader, rushed to the site without delay. At the same time, the customer service department released an urgent notice to all proprietors in the WeChat proprietor group, which wrote, “We are sorry to notify you that the water supply will be temporarily cut off for urgent repair of water pipe, and please make sure to reserve enough water.” The engineering personnel of the property management service center broke the ground with shovels, electric breakers and other tools and removed plants, trying to check the pipe layout. But the pipes are buried deep and the green space above them is quite large, bringing many difficulties to the urgent repair work without sophisticated professional instruments to detect the position of leakage.


Seeing that the property management staff could not manage the very difficult urgent repair by themselves, Ms. Xu, a considerate proprietor of Kunlun Mansion helped make contact with Hangzhou Water Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Water Construction”) subordinate to Hangzhou Water Group to undertake the work. At 7 PM on June 8th, Du Qiangqiang, the General Manager of Water Construction, and two experts and eight engineers arrived and excavated the ground according to the suspected leakage point determined by early clues. But it turned out that the actual leakage was not there. To advance the progress, at about 10:00 PM, Du Qiangqiang assigned another two experts and five engineers to assist the work, including a famous “Golden Ear” of Water Group who has very rich experience of leakage listening.

With the on-site guidance of the leakage listening expert, the group searched for the leakage point little by little with sophisticated instruments, and the property management staff helped supply electricity, provide lighting, control main water valve, and observe water level at the pump room. At 1 AM the next day, the group of Water Group finally found the actual leakage point below the road on the south side of the site. It is like the very first light before the dawn. But on the other side, the group was depressed about the 40 cm thick concrete on the ground. The work had to be temporarily stopped since the construction force was still insufficient at that time.



The whole city was quite before the dawn. Water Construction did not hesitate to urgently assign another 7 engineers to the site for reinforcement.

To ensure early recovery of normal daily water of over 500 proprietors of Kunlun Mansion, the property management staff of Kunlun Mansion has been cooperating with the overnight repair work of Water Construction with all its strength. Water Construction group and the property management staff eventually completed, with sweat and effort, the 8-hour overnight repair work from 7:00 PM on June 8th to 3:00 AM of the next day.

On June 18th, director Du of property management of Kunlun Mansion, on behalf of the proprietor committee and the property management staff of the residential quarter, sent Hangzhou Water Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. a double-faced silk banner that wrote “Offer Much-needed Help to the People, Render Wholehearted Service to the City” to show how grateful they are for their overnight work and continuous reinforcements for successful urgent repair and early recovery of water supply for proprietors.

Du Qiangqiang, the General Manager of Water Construction, addressed that though the repair task at Kunlun Mansion was tougher than expected, they would definitely try their best to complete the task now that the task had been accepted. At the same time, he also recognized the good preparatory work of Binjiang property management staff, including digging the hole and removing the plants.

The proprietor committee of Kunlun Mansion also gave high commendation for the efforts that Binjiang Property made to cooperate with the urgent repair work. To express their gratitude, the proprietor committee sent a silk banner that wrote “Enthusiastic Service and Care for Proprietors” as well as a red pocket to the frontline property management staff. “We have witnessed director Du of property management carrying out and completing many pieces of work since he took office, including the overnight pipe repair work with the water company this time. Property management staff worked really hard. I hope that our Kunlun Mansion will get better and better,” said director Lyu of the proprietor committee.

Engineers of Binjiang Property take this repair work by Water Construction as a rare opportunity of close learning. They learn professional leakage listening methods from it and accumulate precious experience for future repairing work, so as to provide services for proprietors more precisely and quickly.

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