Living up to the Trust, Property Management Staff of Shanghai Park One Quickly Put out the Fire of a Smoking Air Conditioner External Unit outside
a Proprietor’s Decorating House
Publisher: Release time:2020-08-14

At 7:59AM of August 2nd, 2020, a proprietor of Shanghai Park One reflected to the property service center that there was smoke in the construction area on the 3rd floor of a building.

Hearing the news, the decoration inspection team member Xu Zhengchuan and the order foreman Bo Wenjun rushed to the site instantly and found that the air conditioner external unit at the north balcony on the 3rd floor caught fire. The two team members soon took action to put out the fire. The open fire was extinguished at 8:18, and the loss was limited to the damaged air conditioner external unit only.

The service center notified the proprietor immediately. The proprietor came back and thanked the order team members for their emergency rescue. At noon of August 7th, the proprietor Ms. Zhu visited the service center to specially express her thanks to the two fire fighters with a silk banner that wrote “Responsible People and Reliable Work”.



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