Responsible Ginkgo Art Mansion Property Management Staff Put Out a Midnight Store Fire with Firefighters
Publisher: Release time:2020-09-24

In the still of the night, there were corners that should not be ignored. Recently, the property management staff of Ginkgo Art Mansion successfully put out a fire with firefighters and minimized the loss thanks to careful night patrol outside the residential quarter.

At about 9:10PM on the night of September 11th, Wang Guoli, an order foreman of Binjiang Property, during his patrol on the periphery of the Ginkgo Art Mansion residential quarter, found that the construction site on the first floor of Ginkgo Art Mansion Aparthotel was smoking. Being aware of a fire, the service center called 119 the first time and at the same time launched the fire emergency plan and dispatched 12 order team members and engineering staff for emergency rescue.

The property management staff quickly connected the water hose and the fire hydrant and squirted water on the flame. The firefighters also arrived soon. The fire was finally extinguished by both sides’ efforts in about 10 minutes, and the firefighter ruled out rekindling upon site inspection and repeated cleaning.


It was another wake-up call for fire safety. On the next day, Binjiang Property organized the order team members, engineering staff, and steward to have a full inspection of various households of secondary decoration within Ginkgo Art Mansion to ensure that all households have been equipped with firefighting equipment. Besides, all decoration workers are required to keep fire safety in mind, pay attention to construction safety and avoid arbitrary wire installation.

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