What a Warm Scene
Two Order Team Members Carried the Drunk Proprietor Home at Grand Palace
Publisher: Release time:2020-09-24

At about 1:20 AM on August 21st at the gate of Grand Palace, an obviously drunk man got off the taxi groggily.

Zhang Zhicheng, a new gate sentry on duty at that time, went over to help on his own initiative. Then he learnt that the man was proprietor of Grand Palace but didn’t carry any valid document to verify his identity. So, Zhang carried the man to the sentry box for a rest first.

After that, he called the foreman Niu Jianye. Niu arrived soon and recognized the identity of the proprietor immediately and got in touch with his family.

At this time, the drunk proprietor insisted on going home by himself. Worried about the situation of the proprietor, Niu and a patrolman took the initiative to carry the proprietor home safely, and family members of the proprietor sincerely thanked property management staff’s warm and considerate behavior on the spot.


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