Binjiang Property Celebrates Family Reunion with Proprietors in the City Pervaded by the Aroma of Osmanthus in this Golden Autumn
Publisher: Release time:2020-10-13

The refreshing aroma of Osmanthus penetrates every corner of the city in this golden autumn, and also bring people more expectations of their lives. Let’s be an aroma seeker and not to disappoint this beautiful season.

You may encounter the aroma of Osmanthus when you open the window or turn the corner. There are always small surprises in life. Unnoticeable as Osmanthus flowers are, they are famous in China and the city flower of Hangzhou. Blooming of thousands of Osmanthus trees just likes a grand performance welcoming the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.

I remember Hangzhou the most when the memory of Jiangnan comes back to me. I remember looking for Osmanthus flowers in the moonlight of the temple in the mountain and viewing the Qiantang River tide lounging in Junting Pavilion. How I wish to visit there again! It is now the best time to recite and appreciate the poem Dreaming of the South of Bai Juyi.

There are Osmanthus flowers in Latifolius Group, Thunbergii Group and Aurantiacus Group. How many varieties of Osmanthus have you found around the parks, corners, and scenic spots? With the Five-Starred Red Flags blowing in the wind, the strong and fragrant smell of Osmanthus permeates the city. Binjiang Property has specially prepared various double-festival activities. When the traditional mid-autumn culture and the mooncake arouse your emotions and memories, from what classic angles have you clicked the shutter and what kind of picture has become the most intriguing script for you in the autumn of 2020? We are looking forward to your sharing.

Hangzhou Golden Dawn

Neighborhood Celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day



 To further carry down the traditional mid-autumn culture and build a cultural community, the neighborhood committee of Golden Dawn Community together with various other units including Binjiang Property organized the “Neighborhood Celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day” at Golden Dawn on September 25th.

 There was a strong cultural atmosphere at the event site. A “hearty” feast of culture was prepared, including interactive games and lantern riddles, which received favorable reviews from proprietors. 

Staff of the Community explained the story and the customs of Mid-Autumn Festival and experienced the charm of traditional culture with proprietors. The “Red Agency Card” launch ceremony was also held at the same time.

The event was ended with the song Ode to the Motherland sung by Binjiang Property staff, which was full of patriotic feelings and strengthened everyone’s sense of national honor and pride.

This activity enhanced the cohesion between the Community, the property management staff, and the proprietors, further improved proprietors’ satisfaction and happiness of living in the Community, and gave the real family warmth to proprietors.

Hangzhou The One

Spend the Same Autumn Night, Share the Same Autumn Affection


On September 25th, Hangzhou The One organized the “Spend the Same Autumn Night, Share the Same Autumn Affection” cocktail evening party, where proprietors were gathered to spend the golden autumn night and enjoy the great meeting together.

For the successful and smooth running of this evening party, the frontline property management staff started preparation one month beforehand and arranged the stage, check the equipment, and rehearsed one day in advance.

Most programs, such as interesting family runway show, lively children recitation, were wrote, directed, and acted by versatile proprietors themselves. It also had some little singers singing loud for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Excellent and professional performance of child performers surprised and won the warm applause of the audience. Many proprietors also recorded these amazing and unforgettable moments with their phones.

May we all be blessed with longevity and share the beauty of the moon though far apart. All guests have reposed their wishes of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival in this golden autumn night.

Hangzhou Sunshine Coast

Gratitude for Your Ten-Year Company


The annual golden autumn appreciation evening party is a classical event of Sunshine Coast. This year is the tenth year of delivery of the residential quarter. For the best presentation of this special evening party on September 25th, property management staff of the service center made careful and elaborate preparations from program arrangement, host speech to interaction section. They also considerately prepared souvenirs for proprietors.

Centering on the theme of “Gratitude for Your Ten-year Company”, the grand evening party presented to proprietors a special visual-audio show integrating dances, songs, and traditional opera performance.

“The atmosphere in this residential quarter in the past ten years has become warmer and warmer and I can feel that the humanistic care is getting stronger,” said one of proprietors with emotion. It is because of proprietors’ trust and understanding and the family-like warmth brought by proprietors that Binjing Property has been holding its ground for ten years!

2020 is a year that Binjiang Property takes over from the past and sets a new course for the future. Binjiang Property’s staff in Sunshine Coast will forge ahead, remaining true to their original aspiration.

Hangzhou Yuesheng International

Colorful and Exquisite Snowy Mooncakes


On September 25th, Binjiang Property Yuesheng International service center, together with China (Hangzhou) 5G Innovation Valley, organized the “Reunion is the Best Taste in the World” activity where people gathered together and made snowy mooncakes by themselves.

Unlike traditional mooncakes that requires very complex production procedures, a soft, tender, and glutinous snowy mooncake can be easily made following a simple process from rolling, wrapping, kneading round, and molding. The best thing about snowy mooncakes is that people can savor them immediately.

As for the fillings, there were pastes from red beans, milk and walnuts, egg yolk, and matcha and lotus seeds, all of which are low-sugar and low-fat and are suitable for even ladies on a diet. A small tip: snowy mooncakes will taste even better if refrigerated.

Hangzhou The City Star

Taste of Yolk Puff Pastry, Taste of Mid-Autumn Festival


The property management service center of The City Star organized the “Enjoy the Mid-Autumn” activity on the afternoon of September 25th, offering a chance to experience yolk puff pastry making.

With the guidance of the teacher, participants wore gloves and started to make yolk puff pastry by themselves. They mixed yak butter and red bean paste according to the given proportion strictly, kneaded the dough, wrapped fillings up, brushed with yolk, and added some sesame. Everything was in good order.

Soon cute and round yolk puff pastries were formed. Finally, the staff put the products of an afternoon’s labor into the oven. The fresh, crispy and delicious puff pastries hot from the oven received unanimous praise from every one.

Hangzhou Golden Coast

DIY Snowy Mooncakes and Handmade Creative Lanterns


Organized by the service center, the Mid-Autumn activity of Hangzhou Golden Coast was held at its Platinum House on September 20th, allowing proprietors to make DIY snowy mooncakes and lanterns by themselves.

Mooncake is the hero of Mid-Autumn Festival. At the activity site, children were devoted to the snowy mooncake making work with patient guidance of their parents. Their faces told how satisfied they were when they showed up with the self-made purple snowy mooncakes.

Hangzhou Riviera Mansion

Together in Riviera Mansion, Grateful for Your Company


On September 20th, the service center of Hangzhou Riviera Mansion held the first “Together in Riviera Mansion, Grateful for Your Company” golden autumn evening party.

The site was divided into three zones that were dining zone, game zone, and performance zone. At 18:30, proprietors arrived and entered the site in order. The opening dance “Mirrored Space” first ignited people’s passion, and the following Shaoxing Opera performance, magic show, “Future is Coming” dance and other programs brought by proprietors also became the highlights of the evening party.

Pictures of the “Together in Riviera Mansion” golden autumn evening party have occupied the WeChat proprietor chatting group and WeChat Moment. Please wait and expect another interesting golden autumn evening party next year.

Hangzhou Lake Villa

Proprietors Participated Holding National Flags and Enjoyed Strong Double-Festival Atmosphere


The annual “Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Celebration” event of Hangzhou Lake Villa organized by the service center started at 14:00 on September 26th. Proprietors, guided by property management staff, received national flags and game coupons at the sign-in desk and entered the site where various activities such as lantern DIY and family ringtoss relay and many delicacies were waiting for them.

As it was still in the pandemic containment period, property management staff kept a close eye on the safe social distance between people while proprietors were playing games.

“Mom, I want this!” “Dad, I like that!” At the ringtoss site, bouncy children expressed their eagerness for ringtoss, and parents, looking at their kids’ expectant faces, cooperated with each other and tried their hardest to win gifts for kids. And at others areas, there were proprietors making and showing their perfect DIY lanterns and savoring delicious mooncakes and yolk puff pastries. Everyone was having fun and enjoying the double-festival happiness.

Hangzhou Myriad Flower

“My Homeland and I” Resounded through the Property


On September 26th, both Hangzhou Myriad Flower Phase I and Phase II held the “Joyful Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day” variety show.

What make this variety show so special is that many programs were prepared by proprietors, such as the chorus “My Homeland and I”, child vocal solo “I Love You, My Homeland”, Shaoxing Opera “Southeast the Peacock Flies”, “Song of the Fishermen”, Latin dance, rumba dance, and poem recitation. Proprietors gave full play to their talent in these programs and together presented a great variety show for the neighborhood.

Many proprietors told that when the song “My Motherland and I” resounded through the property, they truly felt the prosperity and the greatness of homeland and that we should always have the sense of mission to contribute to a better homeland.

Quzhou Honor Signature

Affection for Mid-Autumn Festival - Mooncake DIY


Time slips by and it’s the season of Osmanthus again. To carry down the traditional culture, the service center of Honor Signature organized the “Affection for Mid-Autumn Festival, Love in Honor Signature” mooncake DIY activity on September 26th.

A great many of proprietors made mooncakes and felt the festive atmosphere with their kids. In this DIY activity, people again felt the family warmth, realized the meaning of “reunion”, and experienced the traditional flavor “on the fingertip”.

More Binjiang Property Service Centers

Welcome Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day with Gratitude


2020 is never an ordinary year. Having gone through the hardest fight against the pandemic, we cherish every hard-won day that we can breathe freely, and everyone expected and celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day full of gratitude.

Service centers of various residential quarters under Binjiang Property including Myriad City, Myriad Star and Xixi Star in Hangzhou, and Yuelong Palace in Shangyu also organized the mooncake DIY activity, by which proprietors could experience the traditional mid-autumn culture and cherish the time together.

As for Park One in Shanghai, the service center celebrated the two festivals by providing services such as sugar painting, lantern drawing, old market, scissor grinding, shoes repairing, blood pressure measuring, and haircutting. Not only did these services facilitate proprietors’ daily life, they also reflect the family-like relationship between neighbors. The service center also prepared fresh mooncakes for proprietors on the spot, which further the festival atmosphere.

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