Strike Roots in Xiaoshan District and Contribute to Urbanization
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Transportation Investment Group and Binjiang Property Held a Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation
Publisher: Release time:2020-12-30

On December 28th, 2020, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Transportation Investment Group (“HXTIG”) and Binjiang Property held a signing ceremony for a framework agreement on strategic cooperation at HXTIG.

Zhu Guanxiang and Xu Ningjun, respectively the Board Chairman and the General Manager of HXTIG, Zhu Lidong and Lin Meng, respectively the Board Chairman and CEO and the Vice General Manager of Hangzhou Binjiang Property Management Co., Ltd, and Guo Chunlan, the Board Chairman of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Binhong Property Management Co., Ltd. attended the signing ceremony.

Based on the principle of mutual benefit and complementarity, this cooperation will root development in Xiaoshan and go deep into property service to create a win-win result.

HXTIG is a wholly state-owned company founded in 2007. As a leading force of transportation construction in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, HXTIG adheres to the tenet of “expanding main transportation business and pursuing diversified development” and has formed the business layout integrating road construction, rail transit construction guarantee, old city reconstruction, resettlement apartment construction, urban renewal, land development, and other transport-related resource business. Now, the group has total assets of about 69.1 billion yuan and holds the credit level of 2A+, and has completed more than 50 projects and made cumulative investments of about 50 billion yuan in recent years.

At the signing ceremony, Zhu Lidong, the Board Chairman and CEO of Hangzhou Binjing Property Management Co., Ltd., addressed that Binjiang Service has rich property forms, continuously improved management and product standardization, and top reputation in the industry, and is attempting to further develop its brand and extend its service by service output and to realize faster development. Supported by management and product standardization of Binjiang Property, Binhong Property will entirely level up its service and develop a more mature and advanced management service capability so as to form core competitiveness. Both parties will give full play to each’s resource and professional advantages to promote the regional administration.

According to Zhu Guanxiang, the Board Chairman of HXTIG, Xiaoshan was no longer a municipality but redivided as a district in 2001 and now tops all other districts of Zhejiang in terms of comprehensive strength. With the continuous development of the economy, people have a growing demand for a high-quality life, which means that quality property service is in great demand in Xiaoshan District. Whereas Binjiang Property, with a professional and highly committed management team, is a leading local property service enterprise in Zhejiang and a benchmark for the property management industry in Hangzhou with rich consulting and practical management experience, the Group hopes to reach a win-win cooperation with such an outstanding property management enterprise to fully improve follow-up property management quality and realize full life-cycle quality service.

In future cooperation, Binhong Property will set up original property service standards for resettlement apartment projects through standardized management and high-quality service and, based on such standards, grow into a comprehensive property service provider with good service, excellent quality, and diverse property types.

HXTIG now manages over 5 million square meters of construction-related properties including resettlement apartments, public rental housing, blue-collar apartments, office buildings, factories, parking lots, passenger terminals, and roads.

The strategic cooperation between Binjiang Property and HXTIG will promote the urbanization of Xiaoshan District, relieve pressure of the government, ensure a better life for proprietors, and thus improve favorable social benefit.


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