Reducing Waste Collection Sites and Enhancing Waste Collection Accuracy
Hangzhou Jinyu Haoxuefu Achieved Substantial Results in Waste Classification
Publisher: Release time:2021-11-12

Jinyu Haoxuefu is one of numerous residential quarters in Fenghuang Community of Ziyang Subdistrict, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou and was officially under Binjiang Property’s management on April 15th last year. Now, let’s take a close look at Haoxuefu to see how much it has changed and its proprietors have benefited.

November 8th was a sunny day. But a sudden cold in Hangzhou still dragged the temperature down. Near the Qiantang River, gusts of frigid wind in Haoxuefu stirred reeds and wafted leaves to the river around the residential quarter, picturing a scene of late autumn.

Waste classification has been a tough challenge for Binjiang Property since it took over Haoxuefu in April last year. There were originally 18 waste collection sites in the underground garage. Redundant waste collection sites didn’t help improve but further messed the environment of the underground garage and increased the burden on cleaning staff. Four-month observation made Tan, the property management director of Haoxuefu, have a deeper understanding of the urgency of a breakthrough. Just then the government issued a guidance on implementation of waste collection at fixed time and location. Taking this as an opportunity, director Tan aspired to change the situation in one month. Does he succeed now and can waste classification become a green highlight of Haoxuefu?

Haoxuefu has 7 high-rise buildings that are divided into 9 units and accommodate 441 families. Property management staff did careful field investigations and finally the 18 waste collection sites were boldly reduced to 2 that were planned to be on B1 and B2 of the underground garage. These two sites are exactly within the convenient disposal areas of proprietors of nearby buildings without overlap and will make the cleaning and transport work much easier and the environment much neater than before.

In addition, under the guidance of the community, stewards of Binjiang Property visited proprietors from door to door to collect proprietors’ opinions about fixed-time and fixed-location waste collection. The result showed that over 90% of proprietors supported the idea of reducing waste collection sites and disposing waste at fixed time and location.

After about one month of endeavor, the fixed-time and fixed-location waste collection policy was finally initiated. Four garbage bins of different colors are placed at each collection site at fixed waste disposal time. Waste collection instructors, monitoring equipment, and voice prompts are also added to help improve proprietors’ consciousness of environment protection. When the waste disposal time ends, all of four bins will be withdrawn to keep the surrounding environment clean and neat.

But what if proprietors miss the disposal time? Will they have an alternative to dispose their waste? According the assistant Yu, the property management staff also set up an alternative 24-hour waste collection site at the ground waste room in the residential quarter for proprietors who miss the fixed disposal time. But for more than one year since the initiation of the policy, proprietors have actively participated in the fixed-time fixed-location waste collection activity and greatly enhanced their awareness of environment protection and few have come to dispose waste at the alternative site. Except for the alternative site, there’re also a renewable resource recycling site and a special waste collection site in the residential quarter.

Binjiang Property hopes to fulfill the green commitment of waste classification and make it a beam of light in reality.

It is a touch of color of Haoxuefu to lead “green” by “red”. Party members and grassroot Party organizations of the community and Haoxuefu actively organized dozens of volunteer waste classification service activities to make waste classification permeate people’s daily life. Since the initiation of the fixed-time and fixed-location waste collection policy, both the waste classification accuracy and the resource recycling rate have been maintained above 90%.

In June 2021, Binjiang Property who serves Haoxuefu was awarded Top Ten Property Management Enterprise by Ziyang Subdistrict. Its substantial results in waste classification has made it a demonstration residential quarter of the area.

Domestic waste classification is significant to environment protection and requires participation and action of the whole nation. We must change our role from waste producers to waste classifiers. Property management personnel should play the waste manager role well to further disseminate domestic waste knowledge to proprietors and increase the classification rate and waste collection accuracy, creating more “eco-warriors” in the “last 100 meters” to waste classification. 

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