The Story of Warmer Service from an ALS Patient
Publisher: Release time:2021-11-18
Soon after assistant Fan joined the property management team of Cuihuyuan of Pinghu Myriad Flower this year, he found that there’s an ALS patient in the residential quarter. It was the first time that Fan was so aware of the fragility of life and the importance of health.

Many of us may have little knowledge about how the life of an ALS patient is like. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, is a rare and fatal disease that will cause muscle weakness and atrophy and eventually cause loss of control of muscle to move and even speak. ALS is also called a “gradual freezing” disease in China, which vividly tells the feeling of ALS patients.

The daily life of the ALS patient in Cuihuyuan depends entirely on the care of her family, which has brought great pressure to her family both economically and mentally. Fan didn’t understand how hard the disease made the life of the patient and her family until he helped carry the patient downstairs for sunbathing, the simplest thing for normal people but a mission impossible for ALS patients if without others’ help.

On a warm autumn day, property management staff suggested taking the patient out for sunbathing. After getting approval from the patient’s parents, assistant Fan, two order team members, and two stewards from the service center carried the patient down from the third floor to a sunny place.

“We had five persons. And the carrying required four of us. So we did it in turns. The muscle of the patient was stiff and would twitch involuntarily. We need to use our strength well to lift the patient and keep the balance, and comfort the patient at the same time. It was really not an easy job to do,” said Fan.

After close observation of the ASL patient’s life, it was a kind of concern of property management staff for the patient to create opportunities for the patient to go out to embrace the sunshine and fresh air, experience season changing, appreciate birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers, interacting with the surrounding environment spiritually.

What other services can the property management service center provide to the ASL patient and her family? This November, inspired by the ASL patient, the service center of Cuihuyuan of Pinghu Myriad Flower decided to set up the “Warm Sun” supporting team whose mission is to warm patients with love and kindness like the sun to help patients recover sooner. With the project director as the leader, the supporting team comprises of assistant to director, customer service director, order director, and customer service stewards.

The “Warm Sun” supporting team of Cuihuyuan is always ready to provide considerate and appropriate services at the request of the ASL patient and her family. They will offer free housekeeping service and help carry the patient downstairs for sunbathing every month. Stewards will often greet the patient’s family personally or by phone and learn and help address their needs. And daily express packages will also be delivered to the patient’s home to reduce their burden.

The “Warm Sun” supporting team also serves other disabled people and elderly proprietors. But it is since the first contact with this special ASL patient that the service center has been keenly aware that more extensive love is needed to bring more happiness to patients and ease their pain, allay their concerns, and give them more strength to face the tough life. Except for the supporting team, the service center will also make joint efforts with the community to provide psychological counseling, rehabilitation training, and disease prevention activities for special groups and proprietors in need. 

Warming the hearts of the patient and her family and relieving their anxiety and fatigue by a little more effort and a new perspective of thinking is a motive for property management staff’s work, and flinch will never be an option.

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