Binjiang Property Imparts Practical Firefighting Knowledge to Children in the Firefighting Month in This Autumn
Publisher: Release time:2021-11-25

Wu Qingqiang, the leader of the micro firefighting station of Binjiang Property in Hangzhou Golden Dawn, was praised by the Subdistrict Office for his well-trained and brave abseiling and firefighting behavior in October 2021. His excellent performance is a result of constant training. The biannual large firefighting drills are great opportunities to check the cooperative response ability of property management group as well as to enhance the firefighting awareness and coping ability of proprietors, children especially.

As an answer to the call of “Month of Everyone-involved Firefighting”, many service centers of Binjiang Property, of one accord, organized the fire drill of the second half of the year in November. Proprietors were invited to the fire drill to learn how to set off the fire alarm, evacuate and escape safely, and put out the fire with extinguishers correctly.

In Hangzhou Yunheting Zhuxuan and Grand Palace, the fire drill was specially set on a weekend so that children could also participate in with their parents. The effect was favorable. Imparting practical firefighting knowledge to children and cultivating the firefighting awareness from childhood will be a key task that Binjiang Property’s projects will pay more attention to.

The service center of Hangzhou Yunheting Zhuxuan set the fire drill on November 13th. After the drill, the instructor of the special-duty brigade of Hangzhou Fire and Rescue was invited to give an on-the-spot lecture on how to deal with the fire. Instead of taking measures blindly, property management staff and proprietors were taught to analyze the surrounding conditions and the fire calmly and escape according to the principle of dodging fire and smoke. The instructor also taught enthusiastic children the right way to apply extinguishers. Nothing is trivial when it comes to fire safety. This drill was commended by the proprietors’ committee and the community for further widening proprietors’ knowledge about firefighting and benefiting both children and their parents a lot.

To prevent is even more important than to rescue. On the morning of November 7th, inspired by the idea of national participation of firefighting, Hangzhou Grand Palace held a fire drill where proprietors, community officers, policemen, and the micro firefighting station were all invited for joint exercises. During the drill, 16 children tried to put out the fire in fire suits. The drill effectively improved everyone’s ability to save themselves and others and to put out the fire.

To enhance the firefighting awareness and the hands-on ability, the property management service center of Bank of Beijing, Hangzhou Branch held the fire drill of the second half of the year on November 12th. Various practical operations substantially strengthened the ability of employees of all sections to handle early-stage fire and to protect the life and property of proprietors and merchants following the principle of putting prevention first and integrating prevention and firefighting.

Come and join our next fire drill to challenge and learn with us!

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