The First Working Day of the New Year
Two Thank-You Letters to Binjiang Property
Publisher: Release time:2022-01-04
On January 4th, 2022, Binjiang Property received two thank-you letters from Wanxiang Community of Cao’e Subdistrict, Shangyu District, Shaoxing and from over thirty proprietors of Shangyu Wangu Yuelong Palace respectively.

Both thank-you letters are to express gratitude to Zhu Rufeng, the property management director of Wangu Yuelongfu Palace, and his team for the great love they showed in the face of the epidemic.

The thank-you letter from the Community wrote, “During the 21-day epidemic containment, property management staff of Binjiang’s Wangu Yuelong Palace organized 16 rounds of nucleic testing for about one thousand people, 7 times of material distribution, and countless times of cleaning disinfection. Under the leadership of director Zhu, all property management staff ate and slept in the residential quarter and held fast to their positions on the front line day and night, making significant contributions to the final victory of the battle.”

“To make the epidemic control work more efficient, director Zhu Rufeng acted as a liaison between superior units and proprietors and answered, solved and responded to whatever asked.” The thank-you letter jointly wrote by proprietors highly recognized the performance of Zhu Rufeng’s property management team in the face of the epidemic. Proprietors witnessed how property management staff helped proprietors buy medicines during such a special period, which is enough for proprietors to relate to the hardship of the work of Zhu Rufeng’s team.

Contrary to the ruthless epidemic, services are affectionate and touching. Being praised by proprietors, property management director Zhu Rufeng said that there had never been a hero descending from heaven but ordinary people who stepped forward bravely, and that although they were all ordinary people who had fear of the epidemic, their sense of responsibility made them extraordinary and encouraged them to stand in front of proprietors.

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