Join Us in the 10,000m Happy Running Group
Publisher: Release time:2022-07-07
If you are a runner, have you ever thought about joining a running group where you can have a lot of running partners to encourage each other? Although running is about challenging ourselves, encouragement from partners is very important to keep us going. Hangzhou Myriad Flower, a residential quarter served by Binjiang Property, has a running group where runners share their experience of running a full or half marathon.

To respond to the call of happy sports for all, the running group of Myriad Flower had the first 10,000m race on June 19th with the support of the Hangzhou Running Association, attracting over one hundred Hangzhou runners to gather in the Grand Canal Asian Games Park, including more than sixty proprietors of Myriad Flower and many famous runners in Hangzhou.

The 10,000m race is a self-challenge. But participants held on to the last and showed their own styles. In the end, Chen Hailun and Ye Qinghua from Myriad Flower ranked second and third in the women's group with 43 minutes and 1 second and 45 minutes and 29 seconds respectively, and Chen Tao from Myriad Flower ranked sixth in the men’s group with 39 minutes and 19 seconds.

After the race, runners shared and exchanged their sports experiences and precautions for long-distance running. Many of them are experienced in full and half marathons. Mr. Chen, the sixth-place winner this time, once ran a personal best of 81 minutes in a half marathon. As the co-organizer, the property management service center of Myriad Flower Phase I offered great support for this event, and their efforts were recognized by the running group.

The Myriad Flower running group was established in 2016 and has absorbed over 250 members, including about 200 proprietors of Myriad Flower, in the past six years under the leadership of the group leader Hu Liege with the running experience of seven years and the secretary Yu Jiwei with the running experience of five years. Now, it has become a well-known running group with certain influence in Hangzhou.

The Myriad Flower running group starts its weekly routine running activity at 5:30 AM every Saturday at Asian Games Park. The routine running activity is more like a neighborhood gathering that provides runners a chance to meet more people, make progress together, and live a healthier and happier life.

The six years of running have benefited a lot to the group leader Hu. He is much healthier, sleeps much better, lives a more regular life, and becomes more self-disciplined than before. This 10,000m race has enhanced the cohesion as well as strengthened the dedication spirit of runners.

Hu hopes that with the support and joint effort of all members, the Myriad Flower running group could keep running with more neighbors joining the group and bring health and happiness to everyone.

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