The Service Center Received a Reward of Thirty Thousand Yuan for One-year Service
Publisher: Release time:2022-07-07
Recently, the service center of Hangzhou Bofeng Longyue Mansions received a special check of thirty thousand yuan from the first proprietors’ committee as a reward to all Binjiang Property service personnel.

It has been one year since Binjiang Property provided property management service for Bofeng Longyue Mansions. Thanks to the support and cooperation of all proprietors, the service center has achieved certain progress in the overall property management service. It is the goal of all property management staff to live up to the expectations of proprietors.

The gate sentry post is an important window to show the quality of Binjiang Property service and offer proprietors a sense of security and comfort brought by standardized service, and also helps unify the image of the residential quarter and property management services. Customer service personnel timely follow up and give feedback to proprietors’ demands to form a closed loop and improve the service efficiency. To respond to proprietors’ high attention to the greening of the residential quarter, the service center strengthens lawn maintenance and adds a lot of seasonal flowers to make the residential quarter a scenic park and a favorable photography site for proprietors.

The construction of a beautiful home for all involves a variety of services and requires close attention to details, such as pet management, regular waste disposal, fire safety, and sundries cleaning, and, on the other hand, also needs the care and love of all proprietors.

The one-year diligence and hard work give the residential a new look. This spring, the proprietors’ committee of Yuelong Mansions conducted a satisfaction survey of property management services, which shows a very high satisfaction rate of 93.65%. The recognition of proprietors is also an encouragement for property management staff.

Service never ends. The property management staff will redouble the effort to constantly improve the service level from the details and enhance the happiness of proprietors as residents here.

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