The Sheer Persistence and the Refreshing Coolness on 40℃ Summer Days
Publisher: Release time:2022-07-19
Last week, the temperature in Hangzhou and Shanghai and many other places soared to 40℃, and the whole cities baked in the heatwave. Some people said that it was like working on the “Flaming Mountain” at a temperature of 40℃, which is not overstated.

The frontline property management staff of Binjiang Property didn’t shrink back and kept working in the heat. In many residential quarters, we can see young order team members, who couldn’t bring themselves to watch greening workers work in scorching weather, holding water pipes and watering plants in the residential quarter. It takes greening workers about eight or nine hours to water all plants in hot summer, and never for a moment are their uniform dry. According the property management staff of Hangzhou Yunheting, it still takes five hours to thoroughly water the whole residential quarter even with the help of order team members.

To show care to employees who are working in the hot weather, Binjing Property requires all service centers to reasonably arrange working hours and make sure the heatstroke prevention work for all frontline property management staff.

Cool the Summer Down

Send Care to More City Guardians

It requires property management personnel to have a stronger will and pay more sweat to work in the scorching sun to protect everyone’s home. Many property service centers distribute refreshing mung bean soup, herbal tea, watermelons, and cool drinks to frontline property management staffs to help cool the summer down for a while.

In addition to property management staff, traffic police, couriers, takeout deliverymen, city cleaners, and even pedestrians are also suffering from the heat. In July, Binjiang Property initiated the “Cool the Summer Down” activity to bring certain coolness to couriers, takeout deliverymen, traffic police, and city cleaners who also serve the Binjing Property residential quarters. By far, a lot of service centers have actively responded to the call with actual deeds, and it is hoped that more will join the activity soon.

The service center of Hangzhou Xixi Pearl prepared mung bean soup and iced watermelons for city workers working in the sun and also prepared heatstroke prevention bags for frontline property management staff, hoping to blow a refreshing wind for them in the annoying weather. “Such “coolness” will turn into a kind of energy that drive us to better offer services with more passion,” said a property management worker. The service center said that the activity would continue until the end of the hot weather.

The Hangzhou Myriad Flower Phase I set a herbal tea bar that provides herbal tea made from houttuynia cordata, mulberry leaves, lotus leaves, light bamboo leaves, dandelion to help reduce the internal heat, promote calmness, and eliminate dampness. 

The service center of Hangzhou Myriad Flower Phase I started to offer herbal tea to proprietors as well as passing cleaners, couriers and takeout deliverymen on July 7th. “It’s so lucky to have herbal tea here,” said a takeout deliveryman happily. The service center specially mentioned that this activity would last to the end of August.

To help defeat the hot weather, the service center of Hangzhou Yunheting Zhuxuan prepares soup made from mung beans or tremella, lotus seeds and red dates for frontline property management staff as well as couriers and takeout deliverymen every day. The service center staff said that they were happy to try their best to bring some coolness to the summer of city workers.

The sun shines fiercely in the summer. To extend their regards, out of the kindness that Binjiang Property has long empathized, the service center of Hangzhou The One distributed cool drinks and watermelons to frontline property management staff as well as city workers such as traffic police, postmen, couriers, takeout deliverymen, attempting to make the city more lovely.

The Coolness Turns into Energy

Proprietors’ Committee and Caring Proprietors Extended Regards to Frontline Property Management Personnel

Bringing coolness to others seems to be the theme of summer. The proprietors are touched by the figure of frontline property management staff sticking to their positions in the heat wave while the frontline property management staff are moved by the recognition of proprietors and the community for their services. A watermelon, a bottle of water, a can of eight treasures porridge, and a towel are all evidence of their warmest care and concern for property management staff.

Property management staff who hold fast to their positions are always drenched in sweat in the summer heat. Every summer, Ge, a proprietor of Hangzhou Golden Coast, will prepare refreshing drinks for property management staff for the whole summer. This summer, frontline property management staff again received 135 boxes of water and drinks from Ge. With the gratitude beyond words, property management staff will work harder to live up to the trust and love offered to them. There were also caring proprietors who brought frontline property management staff watermelons, the most thirst-quenching item in summer. “The sweetness of the watermelon will remain in our heart,” said frontline property management staff.

On July 7th, 5 proprietors of Yiwu Park One, touched by the performance of frontline property management staff, visited such staff with 27 watermelons, 13 boxes of grapes, and 60 boxes of drinks as a reward for their work in the scorching weather. The cool presents and the words telling property management staff to make sure heatstroke prevention carry proprietors’ greatest care for property management staff in this summer.

On the afternoon of July 3rd, the second proprietors’ committee of Hangzhou Jiangnan Yufu, on behalf of all proprietors, sent a lot of materials including fans, drinks, instant noodles, eight treasures porridge, watermelons and heatstroke prevention medicine to frontline property management staff holding fast to their positions. To repay proprietors for the summer supply that is full of the care of proprietors, frontline property management staff will redouble their efforts to provide better services and enhance the sense of security, comfort, and happiness living in the residential quarter. 

Despite the blazing sun overhead, the air in the service center of Hangzhou Lansong’aofu is refreshing because of gifts sent by various groups. The first proprietors’ committee, on behalf of all proprietors, sent more than 100 boxes of eight treasures porridge and ice tea for frontline property management staff on July 8th, and the Fengqing Kechuang Community of Beigan Subdistrict sent the service center 40 summer supply bags that include towels, mosquito repellents, and Huo Siang Zheng Qi Shui on July 13th to support property management staff through the summer. The proprietor who is a fruit merchant also brought watermelons and water to property management staff. The property management staff who are still sticking to their position are committed to creating a comfortable home for all proprietors with their efforts regardless the weather.

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