Maintenance Worker Climbed Up ahe Ladder and Broke in to Rescue the Locked Proprietor on a Typhoon Night
Publisher: Release time:2022-09-14
On the afternoon of September 4th, the service center of Hangzhou Riverview Impression received a thank-you letter from a proprietor who expressed his family’s thanks to the maintenance worker Sun for his timely and thoughtful service at midnight, which offered the proprietor and his family a strong sense of security. It is all about frontline property management staff’s devotion to duty.

At 00:00 am on September 3rd, a family member of proprietor was locked in the bathroom due to door lock failure. After receiving the proprietor’s call for help, Sun Quanwu, the maintenance work on duty on that typhoon night, hurried out into the rain without delay.

The difficulty of troubleshooting and the sturdy lock material made it not easy for Sun to force open the door. Knowing that the proprietor’s family lives on 2F, Sun brought a 9-meter-high ladder in haste and climbed up the ladder bare-handed to enter the bathroom on the second floor with the proprietor steadying the ladder. The heavy rain made the ladder wet and slippery. The proprietor knew very well how dangerous the working condition was and how hard the work was. 

To everyone’s relief, after two hours of hard work of Sun, the problem was finally solved and the proprietor Lin’s family was rescued. 

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