Property Management Staff Rummaged Over 30 Trash Cans and Recovered the 30000-yuan Necklace Accidentally Thrown Away with an Express Box by a Nurse
Publisher: Release time:2022-09-14
It’s easy to empathize with a proprietor whose express box in which there was a necklace worth 30000 yuan was thrown away by the nurse as garbage.

At about 15:00 on August 22nd, a steward of Hangzhou Binjiang Noble Lake received a call from a proprietor, asking the property management staff to help recover a valuable necklace thrown away by mistake. Li Jian, the project director assistant, immediately asked the cleaning director to rummage and the order director to check the monitor separately.

The monitoring information of the elevator car showed that a cleaner threw the necklace box with the packing box into a trash can as garbage.

Later, Zhang Guoyue, the order director mobilized several order team members to rummage all trash can in the garbage room. By 22:00, they had checked over 30 trash cans, but there was still no trace of the necklace. When everyone thought that the hope was slim, a sudden scream announced the miraculous recovery of the necklace.

Without delay, the project director assistant Li Jian and the cleaning director Yang Min sent the intact necklace back to the proprietor. Getting the necklace back, the proprietor was relieved and kept saying thanks to property management staff, and even sent a silk banner to the service center several days later. The service center declared that they would continue providing considerate property management and steward service to live up to the expectations of proprietors.

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