Practical Care for Proprietors
The Bunk Beds from Yongkang to Hangzhou
Publisher: Release time:2023-01-18

Last October, Ms. Ge who is a proprietor of Zhejiang Yongkang Phoenix City was quarantined in her residence in Hangzhou under epidemic control measures. During the quarantine, her kid was not adapted to the living environment in Hangzhou and kept crying to sleep in the bed in their home in Yongkang. Helplessly, Ms. Ge contacted director Hu of the cleansing section for help.

Empathizing with the proprietor, Hu went to the proprietor’s home immediately with other workers of the cleansing section to disassemble the bunk beds of the kid. The project director said that the bunk beds were quite tall and hard to disassemble, but the cleansing workers still made it with the emergency toolkit. The disassembled bunk beds were packed and sent to Hangzhou the same day. Ms. Ge was very satisfied with the property management staff’s service and asked her friend to send a silk banner to the service center, which read “Care about Proprietors Practically, Serve Proprietors Warmly”, as a token of her gratitude in December 2022.

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