Asian Games Style Shines, Volunteerism Flowers: Binjiang Property Practices the Lei Feng Spirit!
Publisher: Release time:2023-03-09
As the Hangzhou Asian Games is coming closer, the volunteerism flowers to get the city ready for the grand gathering. March 5th is the Lei Feng Day, a day for people to admire and carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng. From regular convenient services to the Lei Feng Day activities every year, Binjiang Property never stops and has persisted in practicing the spirit of Lei Feng for over ten years. Tinkers are rarely seen in cities now, but they are still active in residential quarter served by Binjiang Property, repairing shoes and umbrellas, grinding knifes, and cutting people’s hair. They are live signboard of Binjiang Property’s convenient services, the reason why the convenient services are popular with proprietors, and the foundation of the existence of convenient services.

On March 5th this year, Binjiang Property initiated the “Asian Games Style Shines, Volunteerism Flowers” Learning from Lei Feng activity to give full play to the professional ability of front-line Binjiang Property staff. The property management staff actively responded to the call, playing the soft and warm melody of spring. The Learning from Lei Feng activity also attracted the participation of many other social volunteers who provided free diagnosis and haircutting services and helped solve the urgent needs of proprietors.

Engineering workers of various service centers showed their professional skills in knife grinding, appliance repairing, and wiring inspection and so on which were heartily welcomed by proprietors. “It’s my grandfather’s knife and I have been reluctant to part with it for many years. Thank to the property management staff, it now has a new lease of life and finally has its own stage in the kitchen,” said a proprietor of Qiandao Lake East Coast. In Quzhou Chunjiangyue, property management staff replaced tires and repaired small household appliances such as soybean milk machines, hair dryers, and radios for proprietors, and some proprietors also joined the team of volunteers to repair microwave ovens, carrying on the spirit of serving the people. As the old saying goes, grinding a chopper will not hold up the work of cutting wood, Property management staff of Jinhua Golden Landing grinded nearly one hundred knives in more than 2 hours in the morning. They also washed many mats for proprietors. Behind such simple but special services is property management staff’s love for proprietors.

Binjiang Property launched the “Ginkgo Service” plan for elderly proprietors in November last year, and serving elderly proprietors on Lei Feng Day is an important part of the plan. The front-line property management staff of Binjiang Property implement the “Ginkgo Service” plan enthusiastically to help the elderly cross the digital gap and make smart phones truly smart and convenient for the elderly. Property management staff of Quzhou Honor Signature patiently taught elderly proprietors to use smart phones, and property volunteers of Hangzhou Qiandao Lake project taught elderly proprietors how to apply for repair through the mini program with their phones.

Visiting the elderly living alone and helping solve their difficulties in life is a major theme of this activity. The property management staff of Hangzhou Double Bay International City also helped check the wiring in their houses to ensure the safety of their homes. In Hangzhou Lake Villa, the property management staff visited and had a cordial talk with Grandma Song. Learning that she sometimes had numbness in her legs recently, they massaged her legs and advised her to go to the hospital as soon as possible. They also promised that they would accompany her to the hospital if her family was busy. Taking Lei Feng as their role model, the property management staff cleaned the room and furniture, trimmed the plants, weeded the yard, checked the wiring and sockets for the elderly, making Grandma Song feel as warm as spring.

Tidying has become a new service direction nowadays. In Hangzhou Jiangnanyufu, stewards’ service of collecting and tidying up clothes and rationalizing space utilization is very popular with elderly proprietors. Besides, the engineering workers further refined their service and expanded the service scope to help repair doors, windows, and drawers, making the Learning from Lei Feng activity fuller and more meaningful.

This spring, as a warm up for the Asian Games, the front-line property management staff of Binjiang Property practice the Lei Feng spirit as volunteers and offer spring breeze like services to the proprietors, being the live Lei Feng in proprietor’s mouth and life. No matter how the times change, the spirit of Lei Feng will never go out of style.

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