A Touching Scene of Binjiang Property’s Frontline Property Management Staff Battling the Flames in Hangzhou Mansion
Four Shirtless Male Order Team Members Blocked Up Elevator Entrance with Their Shirts and Jackets to Prevent Water Seepage
Publisher: Release time:2023-03-23
At 11:15 on March 17th, a steward of Hangzhou Mansion received a call from a proprietor, reporting thick smoke from a window in the residential quarter, and informed the order team of the service center and the project director immediately. The service center launched the fire emergency plan directly and called 119.

A fire control team led by Zhang Zhen, the deputy director of the service center, and comprising the steward Qing He and the order team members Li Zhanqiang, Zhang Hongjun, and Shi Guangyun was soon established. They rushed to the fire scene on 20F in 2 minutes and saw the proprietor anxiously calling for help.

The fire was intense and had moved from balcony to living room. The fire control team members couldn’t get into the house because of the burning heat and thick smoke, which made the fire control work even more difficult. To contain the fire quickly, Zhang Zhen decided to use the fire hydrant in the corridor.

The steward Qing He informed, evacuated, and guided proprietors on 21F and above to the safe place via the fire passage, and notified the fire control center to activate the fire linkage procedures, including forced descending of elevators, forced power cut of the building, audible and visual evacuation alarm, etc.

The smoke was so thick that Zhang Zhen and order team members had to half kneel to control the fire with the fire hose. They tried many times to enter the balcony but failed because of the heat in the room. While the fire hose was used to contain the fire, there was a potential safety hazard of flooding the elevator.

At such a critical moment, despite the coldness of early spring, the order team members Li Zhanqiang, Zhang Hongjun, and Shi Guangyun took off their shirts and jackets without hesitation to stop up the elevator entrance in order to prevent water seepage and reduce the loss to the most. With continuous firefighting efforts, the fire was basically contained at 11:35.

The fire truck arrived at the residential quarter at 11:22. The project director Fang Chunyan guided fire fighters to the fire scene on 20F through fire stairs and, at the same time, arranged the evacuation team to evacuate all proprietors to the opening ground on first floor. Soon, the fire was fully put out by fire fighters at 11:39.

According to the fire investigation report of the fire brigade on March 20th, the accident was caused by the ignition of the clothes by the long working oil heater which the clothes covered. The proprietor said that he/she went to take a shower after putting the wet clothes on the heater and smelled something burning in less than 2 minutes. So, he/she turned off the heat lamps as he/she thought the heat lamps might be the reason. It was not until he/she heard the cat crying and went out that he/she found the clothes was on fire. Fortunately, both the proprietor and the cat are fine. The proprietors expressed his/her gratitude for the help of warm-hearted neighbors and the firefighting efforts of property management staff, and also reminded everyone to take warning from it and be careful about electricity. The proper and timely fire control work of property management staff was commended by proprietors in the WeChat proprietor group and also recognized by the proprietor committee.

The bravery, calmness, and assumption of responsibility of frontline property management staff participating in the fire control are the result of effective training and also their strong sense of social responsibility and the faith of protecting the home. The community of which Hangzhou Mansion is under the jurisdiction recognized Binjiang Property’s effective fire control measures and also reminded to learn a lesson from it and further increase residents’ fire awareness. Since its takeover of Hangzhou Mansion in 2022, Binjiang Property has conducted full inspection and rectification of the fire control system, which was key to the success of fire extinguishment.

The fire in Hangzhou Mansion is another wake-up call, and Binjiang Property appeals to proprietors to raise fire awareness, actively participate in annual firefighting drills organized by property management service centers, and strengthen fire safety learning.

To avoid fire accidents, we should always remember to turn off electric appliances such before leaving or resting, avoid using of inflammables such as charging storage batteries, and avoid heaping random articles in the corridors or elevator lobbies. Fire safety is the foundation of a happy life and should be valued and protected, starting with our own actions.

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