“A Warm Family of Proprietors and Property Management Personnel!”
Property Management Staff Transported the Injured Kid to and from School for Over a Month
Publisher: Release time:2023-04-11
In late February this year, the daughter of Ms. Chen, a proprietor of Hangzhou Double Bay International City, accidentally fell during a school volleyball class and was diagnosed with a fracture of her left foot. According to the doctor, the broken foot should not touch the ground for at least one month. Considering the height and weight of the injured kid and the reality that her husband was working out of town and that there’s another kindergarten aged daughter in the family to be taken care of, Ms. Chen was in a predicament. She soon thought of assistant Ding of the service center. To her comfort, Ding reassured her and promised that the property management staff would make the best arrangement to transport her kid to and from school to make sure the kid would not get behind with her study.

For over a month, the steward Zeng Cong and his colleague appeared at Ms. Chen’s home at 7:20 every morning and arrived at the school at 4:20 every afternoon to bring the kid to and from school. The hardest thing during the everyday transport would be carrying the kid to and from her classroom on the fifth floor. But the property management staff didn’t shrink back. Instead, they kept comforting and encouraging the kid and hoped she could recover soon with the care of property management staff. “Since the proprietor trusts us with her kid, we must do this well. As property management personnel, we must interpret heart-warming services with our practical actions,” said Zeng Cong full of emotion.

On April 1st, the kid was finally able to walk with a crutch under the doctor’s advice. “I’m so grateful for all things the property management staff have down and wanted to give them a thank-you present. But they refused and said that it was their duty,” said Ms. Chen. The property management staff’s words touched Ms. Chen a lot and made her feel that property management staff are as warm as her family.

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