Front-line Binjiang Property Management Personnel and Volunteers’ Trace of Love by the West Lake!
Three Stories of Hangzhou Youth & Children’s Center’s Vigilante Team on an Ordinary Day
Publisher: Release time:2023-04-28

Among all places in the southern regions of the Yangtze River, Hangzhou is definitely on the list of the most memorable cities and the West Lake definitely tops the list of the most beautiful places in Hangzhou. The front-line property management personnel of Binjiang Property and volunteers are guarding the peace of the West Lake. In the jurisdiction of Hangzhou Beishan Police Station, Hangzhou Youth & Children’s Center is located by the West Lake bustling with visitors. Here, the Center’s vigilante team composed of Binjiang Property’s order team members and volunteers are in active action to conduct security patrols, handle emergencies, mediate disputes, stop uncivilized behavior, help people in need, collect public opinions, and publicize safety knowledge, safeguarding the West Lake resolutely.

This time, we are going to tell three stories of Hangzhou Youth & Children’s Center’s vigilante team that happened on an ordinary day on April 22nd, 2023 and epitomize the everyday work of the team.

Vigilante found and returned a phone to the rightful owner

At 8:20am, Ju Fanyao, a patrolling member of the vigilante team, found a phone at the tourist rest area. He picked up the phone and immediately reported to the leader and also informed other members on sentry duty at all gates to guide tourists looking for their phones to the on-call room at South Gate.

The phone was locked and therefore could not offer any information about its rightful owner. To find the owner as soon as possible, Ju Fanyao kept asking around until the phone rang.

It was from the anxious owner of the phone who was an out-of-town tourist. The vigilante Ju Fantao returned the phone to its rightful owner after confirming her identity. The tourist excitedly received the phone with thanks and gave a thumbs-up to the vigilante team.

Around 10:40
The lost boy returned to the embrace of his mother

At around 10:40, the vigilante team found a boy crying alone when patrolling the playground. To protect the safety of the child, the vigilantes brought the child to the on-call room to pacify him and ask if he remembered his home address and phone numbers of his family members.

But the little boy kept crying and could not give any information about his family. In this situation, the vigilantes contacted the police station while asking all members of the vigilante work group to help find the boy’s family members in the playground. In a moment, the boy’s mother hurriedly came, and the boy finally returned to the embrace of his mother.

Hugging her son tightly, the mother said to the vigilantes with lingering fear, “Thank you so much. I was so worried that he might run away from the playground himself or be abducted by bad guys.” “He is still very young. Be sure to take care of him outside and keep him within your sight to avoid such thing from happening again,” the vigilantes exhorted looking at the mother and the son and then returned to their patrol work.

Around 18:00
Vigilante salvaged a phone for the tourist

In the evening, the patrolling vigilantes happened to see a tourist accidentally dropping her phone into the pool when taking pictures by the pool. They immediately called the leader to come and rushed up to console the tourist and helped searched for the phone. However, the sludge in the pool made the search very difficult. Without hesitation, the vigilante Wang Qi went into the pool with shoes and socks off and successfully got the phone out of the pool.

The tourist received the phone with thanks and said, “Although the phone itself is not valuable, the contact data, materials and photos in it are very important to me. I’m so grateful for your help!” Other tourist there witnessing the scene also cheered for the effort of the vigilantes. “Every time when I send my kid to the Children’s Palace, I can see the vigilante team on patrol, which is very reassuring,” said the parent of a Children’s Palace student.

Since its establishment in October 2022, the vigilante team of Hangzhou Youth & Children’s Center has helped find 43 lost children in the playground, recover18 lost articles and settle 24 disputes. Committed to becoming good helpers of the police and close friends of students, parents, and tourists, the vigilante team members will continue to work hard and forge ahead. 

The upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou are attracting tourists from all over the world to Hangzhou. The vigilante team will actively respond to the call of “Every One As The Host and Contributor to Asian Games” and fully demonstrate the spirit, the style, and the sense of responsibility of Hangzhou vigilantes.

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