Punch Out in Reality! Binjiang Property’s Order Team Members in Chuang Zhi Lu Gu Helped the Police Intercept a Fugitive Suspect
Publisher: Release time:2023-05-09

Brave and wise heroes seizing fugitive suspects is a common plot in movies and TV dramas, while in real life, Binjiang Property’s order team in Chuang Zhi Lu Gu has just experienced a real “Punch Out”. Zheng Xiaohui and Liu Haoyu, the two order team members, were granted the second-class public security medal and honorary certificate in recognition of their contribution to the police seizure of the fugitive suspect.

The story of the two gallant team members started from an order received by the service center of Zhihe Property, owned by Binjiang Property, in Hangzhou Chuang Zhi Lu Gu at 14:34 on March 8th, 2023. The order was from Jiubao Police Station, informing that a fugitive suspect from Pengbu jurisdiction just entered the Lu Gu Park and requiring the vigilante team of Chuang Zhi Lu Gu’s service center to fully assist the police to search for the suspect within Chuang Zhi Lu Gu.

It was a race against time. The Lu Gu vigilante team assembled immediately to convey the order and clarify the physical features of the suspect and then split up to conduct a close investigation of the inside and outside the park as well as all entrances. Meanwhile, the fire control center played back the surveillance video, trying to capture the suspect. 

At 14:43, the suspect was spotted at the east gate passing by on an electric scooter. Zheng Xiaohui, the team member who found the suspect, immediately reported his discover and asked for support. At the same time, he stopped the suspect in the name of investigation and steadied the suspect until Liu Haoyu, another team member, rushed to the scene to help intercept and prevent the suspect from escaping.

Soon, the plainclothesmen and policemen nearby arrived and got the suspect under control. With the help of Binjiang Property staff, the police’s roundup of the fugitive suspect succeeded.

However, both Zheng Xiaohui and Liu Haoyu keeps low key and calm about the heart-shaking roundup action and the awards they received. Zheng Xiaohui feels very proud of his assistance in the police’s successful capture of the suspect. Having been working as an order team member for 5 years and serving the service center of Chuang Zhi Lu Gu for nearly 3 years, Zheng never put off work till the next day and is willing to “run a few more times” when it comes to the patrol work as he believes that only in this way can problems be timely discovered and dealt with in case of emergency.

Liu Haoyu said that after receiving the order, he took immediate action to carefully check the people coming and going and finally successfully intercept the suspect with his teammate. He also said that he would take inspiration from this experience and move forward steadily to live up to the expectations of the company and the police station.

Except for the duty as property management staff, the order team of the service center of Chuang Zhi Lu Gu also assumes the social responsibility as a vigilante team, which motivates team members to work even harder. All Binjiang Property staff should take Zheang Xiaohui and Liu Haoyu as the model and demonstrate the spirit, the style, and the strength of Binjiang Property during the Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Recently, Binjiang Property received the honorary title as a “Security Demonstration Unit” of Hangzhou. It will continue to actively participate in the building of “Safe Hangzhou” and strive to build a community governance community where everyone has a responsibility, everyone is responsible, and everyone enjoys, so as to contribute to the construction of a demonstration city of safe China.

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